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Posted in Car Accidents on August 8, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

327k Car Crash Settlement

I thought I’d do a little video about one of our successes we had in a case for our client Randy Davenport, who’s now deceased. We represent his brother Albert in another case — I don’t know if you can see it, you probably can — but it happened to be in an article in the legal newspaper, Missouri Lawyers Weekly.

In that case we got a $327,000 settlement for Randy. He was coming onto Highway 44 in Dogtown in St. Louis, and he was coming up the entrance ramp. There was another car that was stalled, so he stopped his vehicle in order to look at traffic to go around that vehicle and he was rear-ended by a van from a defendant called Hoppy’s Self Service, and he was injured, and he ended up having neck surgery and having a fusion in his neck because the herniated disc that was impinging on his spinal cord, it caused him to have pain in his arms. The doctor was able to take that pressure off his spinal cord, relieve that pain, eliminate his symptoms, fuse his neck, and Randy went back to work as an auto parts worker at a local place.

Interesting thing about that case as well is that the defendant who’s a working guy, it’s fine, what happened was when he went around that turn to that exit ramp, he had a bucket of keys on his floor and his keys went sliding on, and he leaned over and looked away to try to adjust that, which is why he wasn’t looking in front of him when he crashed into Randy’s truck.

We filed suit in that case as we always do. We litigated aggressively. We took depositions. We prepared all of our medical evidence. I even took the video deposition like I’m doing now with this video. I videotaped the depositions of the physicians and play them with the jurors so that the jury can see firsthand what the doctor says, what he believes the diagnosis was, what caused the injury, and the medical care was necessary because of the wreck that the gentleman was in. Randy was in his 60s I think, so he had a long life, but we’re able to prove that the herniated disc was because of this accident. We’re able to get him a significant recovery. He paid off his house, and used the money well.

So, Randy, I’m very sorry, he’s not with us anymore. I’m proud to represent other members of his family. I’ve remembered him fondly, but I thought to share a little bit with you about one of our car crash cases and our car crash results. Thank you.