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Posted in Uncategorized on February 6, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Class Actions

Do You Need Representation for Your Class Action Lawsuit?

Class action lawsuit attorneys Mark Cantor and Gary Burger have successfully pursued class action lawsuits in consumer fraud, drug and medical device recalls, product liability and employment discrimination.  Both Mark and Gary are well versed in class action law and know how to effectively use it to affect positive change on Corporate America.

Class action lawsuits arise when damages occur to numerous people as a result of the defendant’s consistent and harmful behavior.  Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 23 provides that consolidating such cases and approving them as a class action suits are appropriate.   Individual states also have rules regarding class action law.  As class action lawsuit attorneys, Gary Burger has obtained class certification in a number of cases in both Illinois and Missouri.

In one particular class action lawsuit we successfully sued the State of Illinois for failing to provide prescription contraception as part of its healthcare plan.  We were able to get recovery for 659 claimants out of 50,000, and distributed over $120,000.00 among them.  We are currently class counsel to thousands of corrections officers of the State of Missouri because the
State does not pay them for pre and post shift activity.

Class action law is complicated.  There are certain requirements to qualify for class action certification, such as similar claims, similar conduct on the part of the Defendant, similar damages, and evidence that the consolidation of the cases would yield a more efficient resolution.  There are also opt in and opt out classes of class action law.  As class action lawsuit attorneys we are well versed in these areas and are able to successfully prosecute them.