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Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2016   |  by Gary Burger


Justice can be defined as “the quality of being fair and reasonable.”  In history, in the Bible, the Torah and other religious writings, justice has meant obtaining redress or obtaining a judgment or an action to ameliorate harms caused by another group of people, God, or nature.  When a group of people are attacked or aggrieved by another, they want justice or revenge against another group.  As we have evolved as a society, justice really does mean moving towards being fair and reasonable.  Revenge is for the Lord-but you can get justice on earth.  The way we get justice without attacking or fighting our fellow man is our civil justice system.  People have long gone to court to make things right with their neighbor rather than taking matters into their own hands-it’s the civil, responsible thing to do.  Although we’ve obtained the fair and reasonable moniker and development as a people, the fighting and revenge occurs in court-what insurance companies and big corporations do to put down the individual is atrocious.  Huge banks steal millions from their clients and put the world on the cliff of economic collapse.  I read this week that HSBC Bank has just gotten fines for laundering money of terrorist countries like Iran, Cuba and Libya.  They also launder money for Mexican drug cartels that kill and behead hundreds of people-Americans and Mexicans.

Our firm fights bad acts in court every day.  We’ve represented many, many people who have simple claims and all they want is fair, reasonable and just compensation for their injuries, financial hardships or the wrongs that have been thrust upon them through no fault of their own.  Rather than coming to the table and paying for those damages, insurance companies, big corporations and defense lawyers fight every step of the way; twist anything they can to try and paint the Plaintiff as a money grubbing person who wants to get unfair bonuses because they got physically injured.  That’s never the case.  Insurance companies have spent millions and millions of dollars in the last fifteen years changing the way we think about Plaintiff’s in personal injury cases.  Twenty years ago, people in America sympathized with the poor family that was injured by the chemical waste produced by a huge corporation.  Today, they would blame that same family for living in the area.  These insurance companies and huge corporations have succeeded in tricking Americans to think that all Plaintiffs in personal injury cases are money grubbing, non-working lazy people that just want a free ride.  I have never had a client like that in twenty years of practice.  My clients simply want to be compensated in a fair and just manner.  Not to get a dime more than they’re entitled to, but insist that they receive all they’re entitled to.

I pledge to fight to get that level of justice and try to keep a fair and reasonable view of what our civil justice system means and the recovery I am blessed to obtain for our clients.