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Posted in Medical Malpractice on February 27, 2015   |  by Gary Burger

Medical Malpractice caps

The Missouri Supreme Court declared unconstitutional the caps placed on non economic damages medical malpractice cases in 2005.  These limits only affected people with really bad injuries from recovering the full value of their damages.  With the institution of these caps in 2005, insurance companies really took advantage of them and significantly lowered the settlement value of these medical malpractice cases.  With the caps now gone, we hope that we will get fairer recoveries for our clients in these cases.  Gary Burger works tirelessly to get good recoveries in these challenging types of cases.  Medical malpractice cases serve a great purpose in our community by helping to keep our doctors and hospitals safer.  It is often only through medical malpractice cases, or the threat thereof, that doctors and hospitals correct glaring areas and mistakes they make which hurt all of us Americans.  Amazingly, doctor and hospital errors are the third leading cause of death in America.  Click on this article to read more:

So even with medical malpractice cases, doctors and hospitals still fight to maintain their profitability at the cost of patients’ safety.  Through selective prosecution of only good medical malpractice at Burger law, we hope to do our small part in keeping hospitals a safe place for you and your family and keeping doctors from needlessly injuring your family and friends.