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Posted in Car Accidents on July 31, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Experienced Car Accident Lawyers

Welcome to Burger Law. We are experienced car crash lawyers with over 25 years of experience in representing car accident victims and their families.

If you’re involved in a car crash where a defendant violates the rules of the road, acts unsafe, and injures you and your family, and you’re injured, you’re entitled to compensation. You didn’t ask to be put in this position. You probably have questions about insurance claims, talk to the insurance company, property damage, how to get medical care, do I use my health insurance? I get these questions all the time from folks, and we have a lot of answers to these questions on our website, on YouTube, and we also will answer your questions for free if you call us.

I will personally represent you. My name’s Gary Burger. We don’t charge you anything for an initial consultation. We don’t charge you anything unless we win your case, and we’re well-versed in these areas of law. We file suits, try cases, and insist on full compensation for your injuries, not 50% or 60% compensation. We file suits and try cases.

We have a lot of successes on our website, and we answer a lot of questions on our website and our YouTube videos, and so if you have questions about whether or not you should hire a lawyer, whether or not you should hire us, call me, Gary Burger at 314-542-2222, 618-272-2222 in Illinois, and 866-599-2222 throughout the Midwest.