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Posted in Insurance claims on September 25, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

A Book to Help Navigate Missouri Worker's Compensation

Hi, this is Gary Burger from Burger Law. We’ve had so much to talk about Missouri workers’ compensation that we wrote a book. There are various ways to get to it on our website at, but if you go to our Download Book section you can see we wrote a car crash book. We wrote a book about how to talk to an insurance company and how to pick a lawyer. I also wrote a book about workers’ compensation, it’s newer, and it’s about 100 pages long. We talk about all aspects of the book. If you click on the link, it will give you a PDF download. You can download that onto your tablet or your computer.

There’s a lot of good stuff here. There’s a lot of appendices as well. There’s a lot that you want to know as an injured worker or about the workers’ compensation system. If you’re a lawyer and you want to use this as a resource as well, you are certainly invited to. It’s important to educate the public, workers and lawyers, about the workers’ compensation system. The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Organization itself has a great website, a lot of good information, but we put a book together as well.

If after you read the book, if you have any further questions about your workers’ compensation claim or if you’re a lawyer with a question about a nuance about a workers’ compensation claim for your clients, we’re happy to talk to you for free, hand out free advice. You can hire us if you like us. If you don’t, that’s fine too. We’re at We’re at 314-542-2222. Thank you.