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Posted in Blog on October 3, 2021   |  by Gary Burger

Advantages of Hiring a Small Law Firm

Hiring a law firm is a crucial decision in your personal injury case. Your choice will bear tremendous weight on the course and outcome of your claim. When it is time for you to choose the St. Louis personal injury law firm in Missouri and Illinois that is right for you, there are a lot of options to consider and many reputable firms that practice personal injury law. One of the characteristics to consider is their size. With a number of associate-level attorneys and a full staff of paralegals and other support staff led by an esteemed and experienced partner, Gary Burger, Burger law is the best of both worlds. We have the resources to fight hard for your case every step of the way but are dedicated enough to remain personal in our approach. We have helped our clients in Missouri and Illinois collect over $170 million for their personal injury damages. Our law firm works hard to obtain full recoveries for our clients and to share information with those who have been injured. Find out how the Burger Law personal injury law firm can help you and your family recover by speaking with us today on the phone at (314) 500-HURT or online.

Advantages of Smaller Law Firms

As with anything in life, there are pros and cons to any kind of law firm, including the differences between large law firms and smaller ones. For your personal injury claim, a smaller firm could be the right choice. Find out what benefits a smaller law firm could bring, below.

  1. You are treated as a priority. You are NOT just a number when you choose to hire a smaller law firm for your personal injury case. A small firm does not simply sign every case that comes its way and account for a few of them to fail. As the client of a small law firm, your case matters. You matter. We take your case seriously and dedicate ourselves to helping you win. We are willing to take the tough cases that some of the larger firms either will not take or, if they do, do not put much effort into before they rush to settle for a fraction of the damages and move onto the next case.
  2. You get personalized treatment. When you choose a smaller law firm like Burger Law, we believe that we work for you. Our job is to help you through the entire process, which often includes helping you understand what to expect, making sound decisions and acting as someone to lean on when things are difficult, painful or overwhelming. Our attorneys and staff care about you as an individual and have the flexibility to tailor our services to your unique needs.
  3. We are affordable. The financial aspect of choosing a smaller law firm is two-pronged. The first is that a smaller law firm has lower operating costs. This means that a smaller law firm can charge you less for the same case. Burger Law is a smaller law firm, but we are not so small that we do not have the means to operate or take on your case. We are a well-funded firm with extensive resources. We offer free consultations and never charge you upfront. You do not have to pay for our services until we win your case.
  4. We are available to you. With a larger law firm, it can often be difficult to communicate with the lawyer or lawyers assigned to your case, instead of having to go through multiple different staff or other lawyers who might not know as much about our case and are working on a number of different cases simultaneously. While we do have other clients, we make it a priority to be available to you as your dedicated personal injury attorney. The lawyer you hire will personally handle every aspect of your case. We have a team of very well-versed and personable paralegals who will assist in and be involved with the organization of your case and communication between you and our firm, but your personal injury lawyer will be available to you anytime you need to talk.
  5. You get specialized and experienced representation. A large law firm might advertise that they have 80 years of experience, but that number is typically a sum of all the firm’s lawyers put together. This in itself is neither good nor bad, but it means that even though you may believe they have plenty of experience, you could potentially be working with a new lawyer who only passed the Bar last year. In addition, large law firms often focus on virtually any type of litigation, while a small law firm has a specialized team of lawyers that focus on only a certain case type. In our case, the Burger Law team focuses solely on personal injury claims in Missouri and Illinois. If you have a personal injury claim, rest assured that your Burger Law personal injury attorney has the experience you need.

Discover the Advantages of Choosing Burger Law

If you have a personal injury claim and need a lawyer to represent you, make sure that you weigh all factors and make use of all resources in making your decision. Burger Lw is a personal injury law firm based in St. Louis and serving injured individuals and their families across all of Missouri and Illinois. Choose Burger Law and allow our skilled personal injury lawyers and knowledgeable legal staff to begin fighting for the compensation you deserve from your personal injury suit right away. Contact us now at (314) 500-HURT or online to discuss your case with a real personal injury lawyer at our law firm for free.