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Burger Law represents personal injury victims throughout Illinois and Missouri

Personal Injury Attorney in Alton, IL. After an accident resulting in catastrophic or serious injury, many individuals aren’t sure where to turn. With insurance claims adjusters working ardently to settle the suit, many people resolve their personal injury cases too quickly. The Alton injury lawyers at Burger Law are experienced in opposing insurance companies who are solely out to save their businesses money. We know that concluding a case too soon, can leave those suffering at a dead end. For example, settling before all medical bills have been expensed leaves you with no room for error. If you require further corrective attention after reaching an agreement, you will be left to fit the bill as the personal injury lawsuit has already been determined.

Why You Should Choose an Alton Personal Injury Lawyer

Burger Law offers free consultations to our clients which ensures that we understand every ailment that they are enduring. We follow-up with medical care providers, physicians, and surgeons to comprehend the detriments our customers are currently experiencing and those they may incur in the future resulting from their accidents. Whether you were in a devastating car accident, harmed by a defective product, or affected by any other form of injury in Alton, the personal injury lawyers at Burger Law have the expertise and skills needed to acquire proper compensation for the injuries our clients sustain. If you would like more information about our personal injury law firm, call Burger Law today at 618-272-2222!

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Case Results

  • Medical Malpractice Case Settles for Over $1 Million

    Gary Burger settled a medical malpractice case for over $1 million. Our client, Kelly Sinn, was diagnosed with, but not properly treated for, a brain aneurysm. Kelly went to a Southern Illinois emergency room and the ER doctor diagnosed a recent brain aneurysm Kelly had as a “thunderclap” headache or the worst headache of your […]
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  • Gary Burger Recently Settles Cases for Over One Million Dollars

    The majority of all lawsuits filed do not go to trial–they settle. Some settle early in the litigation process, others settle the day before or the day of trial. Recently, St. Louis personal injury attorney Gary Burger has settled personal injury cases adding up to over a million dollars. These range from medical malpractice and […]
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  • $1 Million Dollar Settlement to Family of Man with Sepsis Infection

     It is estimated that between 28 and 50 % of the 1 million people who contract sepsis each year die. Many times the sepsis has gone undiagnosed for too long, and then not treated in a rapid manner with antibiotics to which the infection is sensitive. This is a very unfortunate situation which could have […]
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  • Class Action $600,000 settlement against the state of Illinois

    Contraceptive class action lawsuit in the state of Illinois, Six Hundred Thousand $600,000 fund to pay women employees wrongfully denied coverage for contraceptive prescriptions. Until July 1, 2004, the State of Illinois’s Quality Care Health Plan, and some other State-sponsored health plans, did not provide coverage for prescription contraceptives. This lawsuit is about whether the […]
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  • $305,000 Settlement in Southern Illinois Truck Accident Case

    I am thrilled to have recently settled a truck/auto collision case in Southern Illinois. My three clients were husband and wife and grandmother in a car that was hit by a tractor trailer truck. They were traveling from a family dinner and proceeding northbound on Route 3 in Waterloo, Illinois. As they approached an intersection, […]
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  • Fighting a Unique(ly) Bad Insurance Company

    On August 27, 2015, Gary Burger tried an uninsured motorist claim for Christopher Smith and his daughter.  We won the case, received the decision last week, and Unique Insurance was ordered to pay a total of $49,930.40 plus costs. There has been no payment to date and we are pursuing a bad faith claim in Illinois under 215 ILCS […]
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