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We Take and Give Attorney Referrals

Lawyers refer us cases as we become older and more well known — and we welcome these referrals. We share contingency fees with referring lawyers per ethics Rule 1.5(e) very fairly. We always take calls from lawyers and offer our thoughts about cases and legal issues for free. We can also co-counsel by:

  • Direct Referral: We gladly collaborate with other attorneys who refer clients for representation in accordance with Ethics Rule 1.5(e).
  • Co-Counsel: We specialize in complex personal injury litigation and are happy to collaborate with you to the degree that you see necessary. We will take on an advisory role, work with you on equal terms or take the lead until the client receives full and fair compensation.
  • Trial Counsel: We understand that you might not need outside assistance until your case is set for trial. We will use our knowledge, experienced staff and resources to help prepare for a successful trial.

Winning referral relationships are built on open communication, dedication to teamwork and excellent service provided to the client. We have built successful relationships with law firms all over the country and are committed to building a thriving relationship with you. We invite you to leverage our experience, resources and network of experts to get great results for your clients. The client can always remain yours and we are transparent – you can see the file or know what’s going on at any time.

Burger Law practices law in Missouri and Illinois, including state, federal and appellate courts:

  • Eastern and Western Districts of Missouri
  • Northern, Central and Southern Districts of Illinois
  • S. Court of Appeals for the 7th and 8th Circuits
  • Eastern and Western Districts of the Missouri Court of Appeals
  • Missouri Supreme Court

Call Gary Burger at 314-542-2222 regarding lawyer co-counseling.

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