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Posted in Videos on October 17, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Auto Accident Cases

Hi! I’m Gary Burger at Burger Law. I’ve tried a lot of auto accident cases this year and won about two weeks ago, and I thought I’d visit with you all a little bit about auto crashes. So, remember when you’re in an auto accident, if the defendant is liable, if they’ve broken the rules of the road, if they’ve gone too fast, rear-ended you, failed to yield the right of way and they caused injury to you, then you’re entitled a compensation. So, that’s the way the Missouri rules of the road and the Illinois rules of the road were set up and we have jury instructions to enforce that.

So, if you’re in an accident, remember that you get information about the defendant’s rule violations so you can prove liability for your own accident or your car crash, better said. Remember, it’s not automatic payment for an insurance company. Insurance companies fight to adequately compensate you. That’s why many people hire auto accident lawyers to try to get a good and full recovery.

My view in this and this is what I told the jury two weeks ago, “Responsibility means 100% full compensation, not 70% or 80%, and it’s only when you’re 100% compensated for your injuries that responsibility is taken for the negligent driver.”

I have other videos and I have other information on my website, Call us at (314) 542 2222 if you want more information. Thank you.