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Posted in Newsletter on September 23, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

Bees Honey Harvest

Beekeeping and Fall Harvest

Fall means harvest time. I harvested my honey last week. Really happy to have a bigger yield than last year. And I learned a lot as well. Observing the bees to learn about their behavior and the lessons they teach has been a great experience. It can be humbling to have a hobby with so much to learn and appreciate how nature will always throw us curve balls. Life lessons perhaps.

This was a good year for bees in terms of honey flow. This is the second good year in a row in our area. This comes from good nectar flow from flowers and water in the early part of the year.

But bees are still facing many challenges in America and around the world. They suffer habitat loss and fragmentation, disease from the Varroa destructor mite, pesticides and climate change.

Harvesting the Honey

When we take honey from bees we take only extra honey they make and not what they need for winter. Yes - bees make honey in abundant spring and summer months to have food for winter. And we make sure they are good for the winter months.

To get the honey, I remove boxes that were on top of the hives, but leave the bottom boxes - which contain honey, and the egg laying, or brood development, area.

Here's me taking the top boxes off and a video of the open box with bees. They get a little mad when their honey is taken.

The Little Bee Keeper

The next day we went to the bee store and brought my little one with us. We got him a little bee keepers outfit. When we got home he put it on and wanted to go to the hives.

He had no fear and enjoyed getting really up close.