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1)     Behave yourself.

2)     Answer the phone.

3)     Return your phone calls.

4)     Pay your bills.

5)     Keep your hands off your clients’ money.

6)     Tell the truth.

7)     Admit ignorance.

8)     Be honorable.

9)     Defend the honor of your fellow attorneys.

10)   Be gracious and thoughtful.

11)    Value the time of your fellow attorneys.

12)    Give straight answers.

13)   Avoid the need to go to court.

14)   Think first.

15)   Remember: You are first a professional and then a businessman.  If you seek riches, become a businessman and hire an attorney.

16)   Remember: There is no such thing as billing 3,000 hours a year.

17)   Tell your clients how to behave.  If they can’t, they don’t deserve you as their attorney.

18)   Solve problems – don’t become one.

19)   Have ideals you believe in.

20)   Don’t do anything you wouldn’t be proud to tell your mother about.

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