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Posted in Blog on February 12, 2019   |  by Gary Burger

Bonne Terre Mine named Missouri's bucket list destination by USA Today second year running

As some of you know, my second job is a dive master and assistant instructor at Bonne Terre Mine. It is a unique diving destination of the United States.

It was just named for the second year in a row a bucket list destination for USA Today. For the article, click here.

To visit Bonne Terre’s website or to dive with me there, visit the website here or call the dive shop at 314-209-7200.

Quick story about a great practical joke played on me.

Here's a picture of my scuba tank at the Mine - Lots of stickers.

The staff at the Mine are all great friends. We tease each other and joke around. And they all know my politics - about which I am not shy..

You never look at the bottom of a tank, right?

My friends secretly put a sticker on the bottom - over two years ago. I never saw it till last month.

So, for two years I was diving with a glow in the dark Trump sticker on my tank - I never saw it and all the divers I lead on trails did.


Such a great move - now for some revenge ....

There are hundreds of Youtube videos of the Mine. Here's one: