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Posted in Personal Injury on October 8, 2020   |  by Gary Burger

Brandon's $100,000 Settlement

$100,000 Settlment

We settled a case for the $100,000 policy limits only 3 months after signing a representation agreement with our client Brandon.

The Accident

In April 2020, Brandon was in a terrible motorcycle accident. The young driver of the other vehicle was not paying attention while he was reaching for a drink when he crashed his vehicle into Brandon’s motorcycle.

Brandon suffered severe injuries, including both wrists fractured, fractured vertebrae, internal injuries, broken shoulder, broken hip and road rash.

Thankfully, Brandon was wearing a helmet at the time of this incident. He was flown from the scene of the accident in St. James, Missouri to Mercy Creve Coeur. With Missouri’s helmet law changing – riders will be suffering much worse injuries or death.

Brandon's Case

Even though the Defendant had an insurance policy limit of $100,000 - Brandon's medical bills were higher.

The benefit Brandon has from hiring Burger Law is that we are able to negotiate with his medical providers to assert liens against the case in the case so we can use the Missouri Lien Statute to reduce his medical bills.

This way we are still able to get Brandon settlement proceeds for what he went through in this incident. The Missouri Lien Statute §430.225.3 through 430.250, provides that medical lien holders can only get up to 50% of the net proceeds of a settlement and cannot collect any more.