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Posted in Blog on May 30, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Burger - The Beekeeping Boss

It just so happens that my Christmas gift from my wife this year was bees. Now I am embarking on a beekeeping adventure. After taking some classes and working to get the hives into my yard my bees finally arrived earlier in May.

When they arrived, they were already in a nucleus colony. A nucleus colony has a queen, worker bees, and drones. They arrive in five frames before they are placed in the hives.

It has been a couple of weeks since I received my bees and they have flourished. They have added comb to the frames and have increased in numbers. I check them at least once per week to make sure that the queen is producing new larvae and that the bees are getting enough nectar.

When I check the bees my best friend Jackson always wants to go with me, but I do not let him. Bees tend to attack furry animals and we do not want Jackson getting stung.

An interesting fact is that honey bees are not native to America. They came from Europe and Asia. Colonists brought the first honey bees to America in 1622. Despite this, there are some 4,000 types of bees native to America but not one of them produces honey.

I will keep you abreast of my beekeeping adventures throughout the year. I would love to see pictures of your hives if you also love beekeeping. I would even welcome a visit to see the hives in person.