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Bus Accident Attorney in St. Louis, MO

Bus Accident Attorney in St. Louis, MO. If you sustained an injury in a St. Louis or Missouri bus accident, speak to a St. Louis bus accident attorney of Burger Law now at (314) 500-HURT or contact us online.

Burger Law's St. Louis bus accident attorney team has dedicated their lives to helping the injured and vulnerable throughout Missouri and securing them full financial recoveries for their injuries. Bus drivers and bus companies have an obligation to follow the rules of the road and prioritize your safety. When they fail in that duty and injure you, an experienced bus accident attorney will hold them accountable. You should not have to carry the anxiety and stress of medical expenses, lost wages and potentially devastating consequences for your ability to enjoy life and live the life you wanted. To date, our bus accident attorney team has used its knowledge, compassion, experience and dedication to win our St. Louis and Missouri clients over $170 million in verdicts and settlements.

Because of the size of buses and the number of people they often carry, bus accidents can cause devastating injuries. The most tragic cases can even result in wrongful death. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident, Burger Law is here to help make you whole again. Call to speak to a bus accident attorney today at (314) 500-HURT or fill out our online form.

If you have been injured in a bus accident because of someone else's negligence, find out how much your claim may be worth by using our free personal injury calculator.

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What a St. Louis and Missouri Bus Accident Attorney Can Do for You

When you hire the St. Louis bus accident attorney team of Burger Law, we get started right away on securing you maximum compensation. We work tirelessly and examine every aspect of your case. We have seen every type of bus accident case and know how to get our St. Louis and Missouri clients the best possible financial recovery. Some of what we will do for you is:

  • Investigate your case and gather evidence. After you hire us we get to the accident site quickly, sometimes in the middle of the night, to take pictures and talk to the drivers and witnesses. As we get to work on your case, we will take official statements and depositions from witnesses and those involved. In a bus accident injury case, we obtain maintenance records and driver logs to see if the driver and bus company broke any rules. We also evaluate your medical records and work with our network of medical and economic experts to precisely value your claim and get you a full financial recovery.
  • Offer you sound and personalized legal guidance. Missouri Law is complicated, and sometimes you may feel pressure to settle but are wondering if the offer is really fair. We stand by your side throughout your entire legal process and will let you know exactly what we need to do to recover maximum compensation for you.
  • Determine fault and work to prove negligence. Bus accidents can be complicated and are often multi-vehicle accidents. Determining fault is often tricky, and you will need the help of the experienced bus accident attorney at Burger Law in St. Louis to discover the exact cause of your injuries and who we need to hold accountable.
  • Handle all communication, documentation, litigation and negotiations. After your bus accident injury, you need to focus on healing physically and emotionally. We take care of every aspect of your case so you do not have to. When you hire a St. Louis bus accident lawyer from Burger Law, you are no longer on your own. We have an entire law firm staff of attorneys and paralegals to handle all the legwork in your case.
  • Demand that you receive a fair settlement offer. Insurance companies use a lot of tricks to try to devalue your claim or even convince you the accident was your fault. Your Burger Law bus accident attorney has seen every trick in the book that St. Louis and Missouri insurance companies use to deceive the vulnerable and injured. We stand up to bullies like resistant insurance companies and large corporations. We know exactly how to fight back and ensure that you recover the best possible compensation.
  • Take your case to trial when we do not secure a fair settlement. Our St. Louis and Missouri bus accident attorney team has over 20 years of trial experience and we are consistently working to hone our skills. We know how to win over judges and juries and help them see the full scope of your injuries.

We know the devastating impact a Missouri bus accident injury can have on you and your loved ones. Put your case in the trustworthy and accomplished hands of Burger Law's Missouri bus accident attorney based in St. Louis. We are the most reviewed and highest-rated law firm in the St. Louis area and throughout Missouri. You do not have to wait another second to start on the path to recovery. Call our bus accident attorney today at (314) 500-HURT.

Talk to an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated St. Louis bus accident lawyer now.

Talk to an experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated St. Louis bus accident lawyer now.

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Who is Liable for My Bus Accident Injury in St. Louis or Missouri?

The St. Louis or Missouri Bus Driver

Human error is the leading cause of auto accidents and is the "critical reason" in 94 percent of crashes. Bus accidents are no different. Common causes of St. Louis and Missouri bus accidents related to human error are:

As buses are legally considered common carriers, bus drivers owe their passengers the highest duty of care, which goes beyond the standard duty of care that other drivers have. When they are negligent in that duty and injure you, you can file a claim against the driver with the help of a talented and accomplished bus accident attorney.

Another St. Louis or Missouri Driver

Similarly, if your bus accident injury was caused by another driver, such as in a car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident, you can file a claim against the driver and their insurance company as you normally would. Bus accidents are complicated and often involve many parties and many moving parts. Your talented and accomplished Missouri bus accident attorney in St. Louis will determine who exactly is liable for your accident and hold them responsible for your injuries.

A St. Louis or Missouri School District

If you or your child were injured in a school bus accident, the school district may be at fault. If the school district utilizes negligent hiring practices such as hiring a driver improperly licensed or with a criminal record. Additionally, if inclement weather was a factor in the crash and school should have been canceled, they may be liable.

A St. Louis or Missouri Bus Company

Bus companies have a responsibility to hire safe and appropriately licensed drivers and to ensure that all of their drivers are adequately trained. Additionally, they need to perform routine inspections and maintenance and repair any defective parts or components.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also has special rules for how long a bus driver can drive a passenger-carrying bus. No bus driver can drive:

  • More than 10 hours following eight consecutive hours off duty
  • For any period after having driven 15 hours after eight straight hours off duty
  • Sixty hours in seven consecutive days
  • Seventy hours in 8 consecutive days

The National Transportation Safety Board found that driver fatigue is a contributing factor in 36 percent of bus accidents. If you were injured because a bus driver was fatigued, you may be able to make a claim against the driver and the bus company that overworked them. Burger Law's bus accident attorney team in St. Louis and Missouri will acquire driving records to determine if your bus driver was driving too long.

A St. Louis or Missouri Governmental Entity

If the bus was operated by a public entity, like the Metro Transit of St. Louis, you may be able to make a claim against them. Missouri has a sovereign immunity law, which generally protects the government and public employees from lawsuits for personal injury. However, under Missouri Revised Statute §537.600, there are two exceptions to this rule:

  1. Your injury results from a public employee operating a motor vehicle "within the course of their employment"; and
  2. If your injury results from a "dangerous condition" on public property, such as the "defective and dangerous design of a highway or road"

Meaning, if your bus accident was caused by a negligent public bus driver or a hazardous road condition like a pothole or a poorly designed road, you may be able to bring a claim against the government or municipality. You can report a road concern to the Missouri Department of Transportation if you see one, but the state still has the responsibility to be on the lookout for hazards itself. The knowledgeable and experienced bus accident attorney at Burger Law in St. Louis knows the ins and outs of Missouri Law and how to hold the state accountable for your injuries.

It is important to know that the rules are different when making a claim against the government in St. Louis and Missouri. You typically have 5 years to file a personal injury claim in Missouri. However, when making a claim against the government you must file the claim within 90 days of the accident with the Missouri Office of Administration Risk Management Division. If you have been injured in a public bus accident, there is no time to wait to start your claim. Call Burger Law's Missouri and St. Louis bus accident attorney now at (314) 500-HURT.

What to Do if You Have Been in a Bus Accident | St. Louis and Missouri Bus Accident Attorney

Being in a bus accident can be incredibly unnerving and confusing. However, it is important to try and keep a cool head as much as possible as there are certain steps you should immediately take - if you are physically able to - that will help your case:

  • Call 911: Bus drivers are required to call 911 after a bus accident, but do not leave this up to them. Call 911 as soon as possible from the scene of the accident.
  • Render aid: Help anyone who needs aid, if you are able. If you are seriously injured, you need to seek urgent medical care.
  • Gather evidence: If you do not need immediate hospitalization, it is important to take pictures of damaged vehicles and the crash site. You should also obtain an identification number for the bus and bus driver, and gather contact information from witnesses. In bus accidents it is usually easy to find witnesses to corroborate your story as there were likely many people on the bus.
  • Seek medical attention: Even if you do not believe your injury to be severe, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Some injuries only show up after a few days or a week, and it is hard to know the true severity of your injuries without the proper examination which could include MRIs or X-Rays. Do not make any statements about your injuries to an insurance company until you talk to a lawyer.
  • Call Burger Law: Our bus accident attorney serving St. Louis and Missouri has the knowledge, experience, dedication and tenacity to get you a full recovery for your injuries. We will fight on your behalf for the entire duration of your case, from initial consultation to final settlement and verdict.

If you are injured because someone else was negligent, Burger Law's accomplished and talented bus accident attorney team in St. Louis will be able to connect you to you qualified health professionals to help you heal. Then we start working on your case immediately to recover maximum compensation for you. However, taking the aforementioned steps will make your case easier and go a long way in encouraging an insurance company to offer a fair settlement.

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If you have sustained injuries and other damages because someone else broke the rules of the road, our St. Louis-based Missouri bus accident attorney is here to help make you whole again. We have over 20 years of experience fighting back against bullies like insurance companies and large corporations. We are tenacious, fearless, committed and personally invested in seeing our St. Louis and Missouri clients fully compensated for their bus accident injuries. Do not wait another second, the path to healing and recovery is only a phone call away. Call us now at (314) 500-HURT or online form for the personal, professional and passionate legal representation of our bus accident attorney team.