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Car Accident Lawyer Carbondale

Accident Lawyer Carbondale. As cars are the primary method of transportation for the majority of Carbondale residents, longer commutes place more motorists on the road and expose them to a greater chance of being involved in a crash. In addition to physical and emotional anguish, those suffering from a motor vehicle collision also endure financial hardships due to overwhelming health care expenses. The car accident attorneys at Burger Law understand that an auto crash victim deserves compensation to help pay for the expensive and lengthy road to recovery. Our car injury lawyers fight for the rights of accident victims, so they have time to rest and recover.

It is essential to contact a Carbondale car wreck attorney as soon as possible after a crash to protect your rights. Over time memories fade, proof is lost, and the statute of limitations pass. To ensure that you receive a settlement that will cover all expenses incurred from an accident, your lawyer will need time to accumulate evidence from the scene of the crime to support your claim. Regardless if you were hit by a distracted driver, an uninsured motorist, or a drunk driver, we have decades of experience representing clients who have sustained catastrophic injuries and the families of victims who have suffered wrongful death as the result of a car accident. If you would like to receive a free consultation with our collision attorneys, call Burger Law today at (618) 272-2222!

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