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Car Accident Lawyers St. Louis and Missouri. When you are injured in a car accident because of another driver's fault, you deserve compensation to make you whole again. Burger Law's Missouri car accident lawyers fight on for you until you are fully compensated for your damages. Call (314) 500-HURT or contact us online for a free case evaluation and discover what sets us apart from other personal injury law firms in the St. Louis.

Get the maximum possible compensation for your damages with the help of a skilled car accident lawyer in the St. Louis area. Burger Law is the St. Louis-based car accident injury law firm you can trust to fight for your family and protect your future. You only have one chance to make a recovery and the car accident lawyers of Burger Law can help you get justice. Our car accident lawyers are aggressive and demanding and will not rest until you get the full financial recovery you deserve. We do not charge any fees until we will your case. You can find out more about exactly what sets us apart from other St. Louis area law firms by reviewing some of our recent case victories and client testimonials, exploring our attorney profiles or contacting us today. Call our car accident lawyers at (314) 500-HURT as soon as possible after being injured in an accident so we can begin fighting for you right away.

Should I Call a Car Accident Lawyer?

Sudden, unexpected injuries from a car accident have an undeniable impact on your life. Depending on your injuries and how severe they are, you could be facing anything from mild discomfort to significant impairment in your ability to function. The fact of the matter is that the accident has negatively affected your life and you need to be made whole. When another person messes up and their negligence causes a car accident that leaves you or your family members seriously injured, you deserve to collect a financial recovery for your damages and the at-fault party needs to be held accountable.

Chances are you have had little to no experience with civil injury cases prior to being in a car accident. After being injured in a car wreck, you suddenly have to think about a host of legal issues you have likely never considered before. How do you get compensated for your injuries? How much is a fair settlement for your injuries? How do I get medical care? How quickly can I settle my case? Do you need to file a lawsuit? How do you file a lawsuit? How long do you have to resolve your case? What if the other driver denies responsibility? An endless list of questions could be circling in your mind. Our car accident lawyers in St. Louis and Missouri have dedicated their lives to helping car accident victims make full recoveries after being injured in car accidents in Missouri. We know the Missouri legal system forward and backward and know every trick the insurance companies use to get out of paying you what they owe. Trust us with your case so you can worry about recovering physically and emotionally.

Our car accident lawyers handle every aspect of your case from start to finish. When you put your recovery in the very capable hands of our highly experienced car accident lawyers you get expert injury lawyers acting on your behalf and ensuring that all paperwork, communications and negotiations for your case are done effectively and on time. There are some cases in which you may be able to get a fair settlement without a car accident lawyer. Simple accidents with minor cases are often resolved without legal help. However, any case involving serious injuries calls for professional legal representation. There are a lot of questions you should ask a car accident lawyer before hiring them. When you hire Burger Law, you have dedicated support throughout the duration of your case to keep you informed and provide you with sound and personally tailored legal advice. Simply put, our car accident lawyers in Missouri protect your future and make life during your case easier. Discuss your case with us now at (314) 500-HURT.

Get expert advice and aggressive representation for your Missouri car accident case from the car accident lawyers of Burger Law. You have only one chance to recover compensation for your damages and a limited time to do it. Do not go it alone. Insurance companies have a reputation for taking advantage of unrepresented car accident victims and offering them irrationally low settlements or even tricking them into believing they do not have a valid claim to collect much. Our car accident lawyers will not let the insurance company take advantage of you or avoid their responsibility to pay for your damages. The at-fault driver made a mistake, drove unsafely and broke the rules - and they must be held accountable for injuring you. The car accident lawyers of Burger Law work relentlessly until justice is served and you receive your rightful recovery. Let us begin working on your case today by speaking to one of our auto accident attorneys now at (314) 500-HURT.

Common Car Accident Injuries in Missouri

Below are some of the most common injuries from car accidents in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Our car accident lawyers will secure a complete recovery for you after you have been seriously injured in an auto accident. We can also help you find medical providers to treat you for your injuries.

  • Whiplash: Whiplash refers to the muscle and ligament strain that can occur when the inertia from sudden stopping or impact to your vehicle forces your head and neck to move in a way you are not accustomed to, often at high speeds. Whiplash is a very common car crash injury but, fortunately, it does not typically cause serious complications or long-term disability.
  • Back and neck injuries: The force of a collision can send your body forcefully in directions it is not meant to go. The tricky thing about back and neck injuries from car crashes is that they are often difficult to detect and may not be apparent immediately after the accident. Serious back and neck injuries can cause permanent damage and limit your mobility and ability to function.
  • Concussions: Concussions are also difficult to diagnose. After being in a wreck, be wary of symptoms such as confusion, memory problems, trouble with cognition, and changes in sleeping patterns. Our car accident lawyers will help you get a full recovery for your concussion.
  • Traumatic brain injuries: The symptoms of traumatic brain injuries, or a TBI, differ from one case to the next. You should get emergency medical care if you notice serious warning signs such as a severe headache that does not go away, weakness and numbness, vomiting, slurred speech or lack of consciousness.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Auto collisions are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries in teens and adults. Injury to this part of the nervous system that sends information between your brain and the rest of your body can cause paralysis. The severity and duration of a spinal cord injury can vary from minor to permanent total motor and sensory disfunction.
  • Broken bones: A car accident can cause bone breaks that range from hairline fractures to crushing bone injuries. The force of the collision, the effect of your seatbelt, airbag or a direct impact with another object can cause broken ribs, arms, legs, ankles, facial bones and other bones.
  • Internal injuries: Internal bleeding or injury to an organ are serious injuries that are not uncommon in auto accidents, especially when traveling at high speeds. It is critical that you receive medical attention after a high-speed collision. You may not always experience pain or other obvious indicators of an internal injury right away.
  • Facial injuries: You could experience facial injuries in your accident. Facial injuries can be painful and can make things like talking, chewing and swallowing difficult. Eye injuries could lead to permanent vision impairment. Even injuries that do not cause significant dysfunction can leave the lasting impact of scarring or disfigurement
  • Burns: When a vehicle catches fire or you are exposed to hot fluids, chemicals or steam, you may suffer burn injuries in your car accident. Burn injuries can be minor superficial burns or so severe that they require hospitalization, skin grafting or even surgery. Get burn care form specialists for your best chance at a successful physical recovery from your burn and let the Burger Law car accident lawyers handle the rest.
  • Lacerations and road rash: There are many potential causes of cuts, scrapes and punctures in a car accident. Broken glass, jagged plastic and metal from the body of a vehicle and rough concrete or pavement can injure you. Minor abrasions and scrapes may not require extensive treatment, but more serious lacerations can pierce internal organs or muscles and tendons, causing significant disability.
  • PTSD: Regardless of what physical injuries you experience and how exactly the accident unfolded, it is not uncommon to experience psychological trauma after a car crash. It is important to note that trauma itself is not a disorder, but some traumatic experiences can lead individuals to develop post traumatic stress disorder. Symptoms like intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, difficulty sleeping and being easily startled can have a major impact on your life and can hinder your ability to go about your day as you used to. Our car accident lawyers will help you recover.

Car Accidents in Missouri: Drivers and Car Accident Lawyers

Technology advancements and refinement of our transportation systems and laws have come a long way since vehicles first hit the streets. Seat belts, airbags, and new advanced safety features in vehicles can save lives, but with increasingly more drivers traveling on our roads and the very human tendency to make mistakes, we must all make a conscious effort to follow the rules of the road and exercise caution when driving in order to protect ourselves, our loved ones and everyone around us from the dangers of a serious auto accident.

Despite state and federal safety rules and local campaigns to increase roadway safety and reduce the number of crashes, injuries and fatalities still happen. There are many factors at play when we operate our vehicles and sometimes conditions outside of our control make driving more difficult. A bad storm, fog or dark nights can limit a driver's visibility and wet or icy surfaces can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle. It is our responsibility as drivers to adjust our driving in these conditions to reduce the chance of an accident.

Ultimately, nearly all of Missouri car crashes happen, at least in part, because of human error. It could be an instance of willful recklessness or an unintentional mistake, but whatever the case may be, someone made a mistake their negligence caused you to get hurt. Maybe the other driver got behind the wheel drunk, believing they could get away with it or simply not caring. Perhaps they got upset and decided to tailgate you or zip in and out of the lanes to get home a few seconds earlier. Or it could just be that they forgot to check their blind spot when changing lanes or misjudged a distance and failed to stop in time. The other driver's behavior led to your accident and caused you or your family serious injuries. Get the full recovery you deserve with the help of experienced legal experts. Our car accident lawyers will fight to demand the compensation you need to move on from your injuries.

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Missouri Car Accidents: Insurance Policy Requirements

Each state has their own laws regarding auto insurance. Most require some sort of coverage. According to Missouri Revised Statutes §303.160, all Missouri drivers and vehicle owners must carry auto insurance by law.

Missouri motorists must supply proof of liability auto insurance when registering a vehicle, renewing their license plates and at all times while driving. The state mandates a minimum level of coverage that the you must obtain as a Missouri driver. This minimum liability coverage goes towards the damages from any accident in which you were at fault. In Missouri, your liability must cover at least up to:

  • Liability Coverage:
    • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
    • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury
    • $25,000 per accident for property damage
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage:
    • $25,000 per person for bodily injury
    • $50,000 per accident for bodily injury

Missouri's minimum liability insurance limits are meant to cover the injuries and property damage you cause others. The state also requires insurance carriers to have uninsured motorist coverage, which is used to cover your own injuries and damage to your property when the at-fault party cannot be made to pay. Though it may seem unfair to have to use your own insurance policy when you were not at fault, you pay for insurance for a reason (aside from the fact that you can be fined or penalized or lose your license without it, insurance is there to cover the financial burden of accidents and emergencies outside of your control) and you will be glad you have it if you are ever involved in a hit and run accident or are in a crash with a driver who has broken the law and does not have insurance.

Note that a really important coverage to add is underinsured motorist coverage. This is on your policy and provides additional coverage if the person who hit you has low coverage amounts. For example, if your damages are $100,000 and the defendant has only $25,000 in minimum coverage, you can and should make a claim against your underinsured policy.

The different policies and factors that come into play with auto insurance can make your car crash claim complicated. You do not have to worry about figuring out confusing insurance policy wording or making sense of the insurance company's threats or intimidation tactics when you have competent car accident lawyers on your case. Burger Law's car accident lawyers have built up an arsenal of knowledge in negotiating with insurance companies and winning car accident injury claims through our decades of experience with Missouri car accident cases. We handle all communication between you and the insurance policy. Find out more about how our car crash attorneys can help you get a full recovery at (314) 500-HURT.

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