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Posted in Car Accidents on January 2, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

What to Do if Your Child is Injured While Riding With Someone Else

What do you do if your child is injured in a carpool when someone else is driving? Well, if your child is injured and you have a claim, you ought to make that claim. The person who is driving, you obviously are going to know them. They may be even a friend of yours, and I have three children, and if I was there — where I never have been, thank God — but if I was there in a wreck driving kids around in a carpool, I would want the parents of the kids in my car to make a claim against my insurance company. That’s why I have it. That’s why I paid a car insurance for like for 30+ years. It’s so that I can take care of the people in my vehicle, not me. I’m really not worried about me. Maybe I should be, but I’m worried about the people in my car, my family and my friends.

We’re always in vehicles with family and friends. I get this question all the time: Why should I make a claim against my friends? And, it’s not that you want to. First of all, it’s against your friend’s insurance company. It’s not against them personally. That’s why they have insurance, but we’re always around our friends. If we’re at someone’s house, it’s our friend’s house. If we’re in someone’s car, it’s our friend’s or family’s car. That’s just the way things work. That’s who we hang out with.

So, if there’s an injury in a carpool, make the claim. Get the insurance information from your friend. Don’t make the claim against them. Get their insurance information and claim rep. Call them. Give them the bills. Give them the medical records. Give them the authorizations. Tell them what’s wrong with your kid.

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