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At Burger Law, we represent individuals and businesses in commercial litigation. What that means is that, anybody who essentially has a business dispute, whether it’s a breach of contract, a fraud, an oral agreement, a claim against an insurance company, any other types of business dispute, suit on account, some type of a bad check or failure to pay or statement on account or a suit on a note if you loan someone money, those types of claims are generally referred to as commercial litigation. We represent a lot of folks in those types of claims and I’ve gotten millions of dollars for clients in those areas.

What we really do very well in these cases is efficiently resolve your case. If you’re a business person, the last thing you want to do after you’ve already lost money to someone in a business issue is pay a lot of money to a lawyer. We’re not a big firm. We do not charge at a high rate hourly and we do not overbill. I’ve had a number of times where folks have had other big firm lawyers who’ve charged them a lot of money and not gotten to trial or resolution. They come to us. We efficiently resolve your case.

I understand that you want to put the most money in your pocket, so when I represent an individual or business case, it is not to see what I can make off you, it’s how I can best resolve your case. That’s why most of my cases come from referrals from other clients who are happy with the smart and efficient resolution of your claim.

So, if you need a lawyer in a business dispute, a commercial litigation or a contract dispute, please call me. I’m Gary Burger. Our phone number’s (314) 542- 2222, or at Thank you.

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