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Construction Accident Attorney Monett, MO. After being injured in an accident on a construction site in Monett, MO, speak to a Missouri construction accident attorney from Burger Law in Monett, MO right away. Call (314) 500-HURT now and have a construction accident attorney in Monett, MO review your case for free.

Monett, MO Construction Accidents: Common Causes

Serious injuries have the potential to happen in any workplace, some settings are statistically more dangerous than others. Workers in the construction industry are frequently placed in high-risk situations which leaves them vulnerable. Whether you work full time in the construction sector, were sent to a construction site for a work-related reason or were near an active construction site for a reason unrelated to your job, if you are injured in a construction accident, you deserve to be fully compensated.

There are many safety hazards on a construction site due to the nature of the task at hand. While construction sites can be dangerous places because of the equipment, heavy machinery and sharp and exposed materials. Yet when we follow Missouri and Monett safety rules, we can generally stay safe and avoid construction accidents.

It takes only a single poor decision or careless mistake to seriously injure someone and negatively impact their life. If someone on your Monett, MO construction accident disregarded the safety rules, putting your safety at risk and causing you to be seriously injured, act immediately and turn to Burger Law to work with a Monett, MO construction accident attorney you can trust. We will help you seek justice after you are hurt by a mistake or act of carelessness and demand that you get maximum compensation.

Some common causes of construction accidents our Monett, MO construction accident attorneys have seen include:

  • Falling objects
  • Improper training
  • Lack of enforcement of safety protocol
  • Crane accidents
  • Harness failures
  • Improperly stored or maintained safety equipment
  • Poisonous/toxic substances
  • Getting caught between machines
  • Falls
  • Defective products
  • Fires
  • Improper technique or use of tools
  • Electrical accidents

If you or a loved one were injured after any of the above scenarios, a Missouri construction accident attorney in Monett, MO can help you move forward in your life and collect the recovery you deserve. Call the Missouri construction accident attorneys of Burger Law at (314) 500-HURT to begin discussing your recovery options in your Monett, MO construction accident immediately.

As a leading Missouri construction accident attorney in Monett, MO, we have seen construction accidents lead to all kinds of injuries, such as:

  • Fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Amputation
  • Vision loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Crushing injuries
  • Death

If you or your loved one have any of the injuries listed above or have suffered any other injuries in Missouri construction accidents, call (314) 500-HURT to speak to a Burger Law attorney. An experienced construction accident attorney will fight by your side every step of the way and ensure you recover maximum compensation for your damages. Construction sites can be inherently dangerous, and we have rules in place to regulate them and keep construction workers and visitors as safe as possible. When someone messes up and fails to follow these rules, hire a construction accident attorney in Monett, MO from Burger Law right away. We will hold all negligent parties accountable and make them pay for the damage they have done.

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My Monett, MO Construction Accident Attorney: Who Can I Sue for My Construction Accident Injuries?

Who is responsible for my Monett, MO construction accident?

You never asked or expected to be injured in a construction accident. You would be perfectly fine right now if it was not for someone's decision to behave in a negligent manner on a Monett, MO construction site. The question is who is that "someone." Who is responsible for the injuries you have suffered?

As your Monett, MO construction accident attorney, one of our first orders of business will be identifying all of the culpable parties in your accident. With the expert representation of an experienced Missouri construction accident attorney in Monett, MO, you actually stand a chance at recovering full compensation for your damages.

Because there are typically so many different parties involved in a construction project and present on a construction site, there are many parties that could potentially carry liability in your Monett, MO construction accident injury case. Rely on the expert knowledge of our Monett, MO construction accident attorneys in determining who to bring your construction accident claim against.

Your Missouri construction accident attorney in Monett, MO will begin investigating and building a case from the day you hire us. Do not waste any time. The sooner you call (314) 500-HURT to talk to a Missouri construction accident lawyer in Monett, MO, the sooner we can demand fair payment on your behalf and hold the negligent parties accountable.

  • Owner of the construction site

    Your case could be one of premises liability in Missouri. The question of whether the owner of the property where the construction is taking place is partly — or wholly — responsible for your injuries depends on the amount of control they had over the property at the time of the accident.

  • Contractors and sub-contractors

    It is common in Missouri and Monett, MO construction projects to contract certain jobs out to individual contractors or sub-contractors who specialize in that particular trade or service. With so many different parties working on a construction project in different ways, we have rules contractors must follow to keep everyone safe. OSHA rules require construction contractors to give their workers a reasonably safe work environment, warn workers about any existing hazards and ensure that workers are following safety protocol.

  • Architects and engineers

    Sometimes in construction projects the architect or engineer is responsible for overseeing the project, present to ensure that they are meeting local Missouri building codes and other construction regulations. If the architects or engineers in your construction project were contractually required to participate in this level of compliance oversight. As your construction accident attorney in St Louis with Burger Law, we will obtain all relevant documents and investigate the agreements that were made. If the engineers on this construction project were negligent, we will find out and we will prove it in your Missouri construction accident injury case in Monett, MO.

  • Manufacturers

    Were your construction accident injuries in Monett, MO or Illinois caused by dangerous products that do not work as they are supposed to? If a tool or piece of machinery malfunctions and becomes dangerous, the company or manufacturer responsible for producing and distributing that dangerous product could be liable for your construction accident injuries in Monett, MO or in Missouri. Our experienced Monett, MO construction accident attorneys have a history of holding manufacturers of defective products accountable for harming consumers, including in construction accidents like yours.

Our distinguished team of Monett, MO attorneys and paralegals are exceptionally skilled at the following types of cases:

Types of Missouri Construction Accident Claims in Monett, MO

Workers' Compensation Claims

If you were hurt in a construction accident while on the job, you may be eligible for coverage through your employer's Missouri workers' compensation insurance. Missouri law requires Monett, MO and other Missouri businesses to carry workers' comp insurance if they have five or more employees unless they are in the construction industry. Any construction company with at least two employees must carry Missouri workers' compensation insurance.

In a Missouri workers' compensation claim, the standard for proving your claim is different from a regular personal injury case. Workers' compensation insurance is meant to cover your expenses in case you are injured on the job in Monett or Missouri. As a work injury victim making a workers' compensation claim, you do not have to prove that your employer was negligent in your accident.

However, it is still critical that you hire a skilled Missouri construction accident attorney in Monett, MO to represent you and help you through your Missouri construction accident workers' comp claim. Initial filings for workers' compensation claims are frequently denied (most of them only to be honored later). Save precious time in your case by hiring a Monett, MO construction accident attorney who has experience maximizing the claims of hard working Missourians like you who have been injured on the job due to the dangerous nature of your work. Burger Law's team of Missouri worker's compensation lawyers will get you the compensation you deserve for your workplace construction injuries.

Another critical role for Monett, MO workers' compensation lawyers is †o protect you from retaliation from your employer for filing a work injury claim after you have been injured on the job. It is illegal to retaliate against employees for filing a workers' compensation claim. As an employee, you have a right to collect workers' compensation benefits when you need them and your work puts you in harm's way and you should not live in fear of making a Missouri workers' compensation claim because you are worried you might lose your job or otherwise be punished.

Burger Law's Missouri attorneys located in Monett, MO have the experience and skill to protect you in your workers' compensation claim and to help you make the most of your opportunity to collect benefits to cover the injuries you have suffered. Perhaps even more importantly, our construction accident attorneys in Monett and Missouri are experienced and knowledgeable in the additional claims known as third party claims you can make when you are injured while working on a construction site. Call (314) 500-HURT now to speak to a Monett, MO construction accident attorney about your recovery options.

Third Party Negligence Claims

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration places strict regulations on construction companies and oversees frequent inspections. Despite that, construction sites are one of the most dangerous places to work. Twelve of the 25 most dangerous jobs in the United State are in the construction industry. If you were injured at a construction job because of your employer's negligence, you can file a workers' compensation claim to receive compensation for your injuries. Burger Law's workers' compensation lawyer can help you file a claim, however worker's compensation benefits are often limited.

Often, construction accidents and construction injuries happen not because of your employer's fault, but because of a third party. You should still file a workers' compensation claim if you were injured on the job, but if someone besides your employer was at fault or partially at fault, you'll want to file a claim against them too with the help of a qualified construction accident attorney. This is your chance to truly get the full compensation. you are owed for the extensive damages you have suffered. Call Burger Law in Monett, MO to explore your ta href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener">third party negligence claim options today.

Premises Liability

In personal injury cases, premises liability usually applies to slip and fall accidents. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to people who visit their properties to make sure it is safe. Your construction accident attorney may be able to help you file a premises liability claim f you suffered a construction accident because:

  • Hazards were not clearly marked or roped off
  • Electrical wires were not covered
  • Loose cords made you fall
  • Uneven, broken or dangerous stairs made you fall
  • You were exposed to toxic fumes or asbestos
  • Inadequate lighting made you fall

While construction sites carry certain risk, that does not excuse a property owner or manager from fulfilling their legal obligation to keep you safe. According to Missouri Revised Statute 537.348 specifically states that landowners need to repair or warn of any hazardous condition they know of or should have known of.

Car Accidents

If you are working on the road or highway and experience a construction accident when you are hit by a civilian driver, you can bring a personal injury case against the driver as you normally would with any car accident that causes injury.

Car accident claims that are tied to construction accidents can entail complications and difficult issues of liability, damages and other factors. You need a lawyer with specific experience and knowledge in both construction accidents and construction zone car accidents. Burger Law has a construction accident attorney team in Monett, MO that has worked on nearly every conceivable type of personal injury claim including numerous car accident cases where our client was injured by a negligent driver passing by a construction area. If you are in a similar situation, call Burger Law now at (314) 500-HURT.

Product Liability

Construction sites require the work of a lot of heavy machinery and vehicles. Any entity that manufacturers a product is legally obligated to design safe products, test them for their safety and recall any part or component they later find to be dangerous. If a vehicle's breaks don't work or a crane malfunctions and drops something on you, you may be able to make a product liability claim against the manufacturer with the help of an experienced construction accident attorney.

Missouri Construction Accident Attorney | Burger Law Monett, MO

There is no time to waste. You have been seriously and undeservedly harmed in a construction accident. You deserve to be compensated but it is difficult to fathom moving past these devastating injuries. It is possible, but only with the help of a Missouri construction accident attorney in Monett, MO. Burger Law's experienced team of attorneys have been bringing the Missouri injured justice and have been making reckless actors pay for making poor decisions and putting you in danger.

You have one chance to collect the full recovery you deserve after suffering damages in a Monett, MO construction accident. Make it count. Speak to a leading Missouri construction accident attorney in Monett, MO now at (314) 500-HURT or online now. We will review your case for free and begin working on your behalf right away. You do not owe us any legal fees until we win and settle your case. Take the first step toward the future you deserve.

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