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Posted in In the News on January 5, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Crime Victims and Civil Justice

We at Burger Law/ care deeply about our clients and strive to stay on the cutting edge of important issues that affect our clients and their cases. We not only stay up to date on the law and constantly research current issues, but also study trial tactics.

By putting such a priority on constantly learning more as individual lawyers, we can become better lawyers for our clients, as well as educate others. One way we do this is by attending industry conferences and being active members in industry organizations.

For instance, Nicole Gorovsky, one of our attorneys, recently attended a conference in Portland, Oregon called “Civil Justice for Crime Victims” organized by The National Crime Victim Bar Association. This association is focused on helping crime victims, including victims of sexual crimes, violent crimes, crimes against children, and financial crimes.

At the conference, she attended presentations about such topics as lawsuits brought against celebrity defendants, proving what the long-term impact of child abuse is in front of a jury, consent defenses in trials, suing universities for allowing sexual assault to happen on campus, and using creative strategies in ADR (alternative dispute resolution). Nicole will now be able to educate others on these issues, and has even been asked to serve on the National Crime Victim Bar Association’s Advisory Board.