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Posted in Videos on May 10, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Dewaun Jackson Testimonial

Gary: Hi! I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. I’m here with my friend Dewaun Jackson. How are you doing?

Dewaun: I’m all right.

Gary: Good. So, I asked you to do this video. Thanks for doing it with us. How did you find our firm?

Dewaun: Well, I looked you guys up on Google and heard some good things, so I said let me go for it and see what you guys could do for me.

Gary: What happened to you?

Dewaun: Well, I was backed into by Waste Management. They knocked me back a nice little distance. I hurt my back, twisted me up a little bit, and I just needed some assistance. I know I couldn’t represent myself, so I was looking for the best lawyers that could get the job done.

Gary: Great.

Dewaun: You guys were those guys.

Gary: Tell me about your experience with our firm.

Dewaun: Excellent. Everybody was really welcoming, homely, warm.

Gary: Homely. Does that mean ugly?

Dewaun: No, not homely like that, but the home feeling, like family. It was like a family experience.

Gary: I can tell you from our side of it is it’s been a real pleasure to get to know you a little bit. You know, I mean, you never know when someone comes into your office and stuff and all that, but you’re just a salt-to-the-earth kind of guy, you’re a hard worker all your life, a good family man with your wife.

Dewaun: I try to do what I can.

Gary: You do, you do. You’re an honorable man. It’s such a pleasure to get to know you, and one of the reasons why we do what we do is for people like you because something happens, you don’t plan for anything like that to happen.

Dewaun: You don’t, you don’t.

Gary: And then, how do you find a lawyer? How do you know what to do, right?

Dewaun: At all, right.

Gary: What kind of treatment did you do? Was it a chiropractor?

Dewaun: A chiropractor, yeah.

Gary: Where did you go?

Dewaun: Dr. Holland on 367. Excellent work.

Gary: He’s a good doctor, isn’t he?

Dewaun: Yes, yes, and his team, his staff, they were very attentive, patient, and they helped me get back as close to 100% as possible.

Gary: How long did you go to him for?

Dewaun: Man, a little over three months, and like I said, whatever I needed, I mean, transportation, all of that. I mean, it was there. Like I said, very welcoming, very warm, family environment again, and I thank those guys a lot.

Gary: And then, when was your accident?

Dewaun: August 10 of 2017.

Gary: Right. And so now, it’s March, so it’s about six months ago, right?

Dewaun: Yeah.

Gary: And we’re already turning and you came in today to sign your release.

Dewaun: Yes, yes.

Gary: Were you happy with what we got you?

Dewaun: Exactly.

Gary: How much did we get you?

Dewaun: 33,000.

Gary: $33,000. Have you ever seen that much at one time in your life?

Dewaun: No, never, never, never.

Gary: Right. But, one of the things we try to do is we try to get as much money upfront as we can for you. And then for folks who don’t know, after we get a settlement, we get the check; we put it in our trust account; we pay whatever expenses and our eminently reasonable fee.

Dewaun: Exactly, exactly.

Gary: And then, we pay off any bills we have in them, and then we put the rest to you tax-free. Did you know it was tax-free?

Dewaun: Hey, I did not know that.

Gary: How about that? See. And you don’t even have to put it on your tax return or anything like that.

Dewaun: Wow.

Gary: It’s like the one area left with all the crazy stuff our government does. It’s the one area in our lives where the government doesn’t take its cut.

Dewaun: Wow, and that’s great.

Gary: Yeah, and the reason is it’s like personal injuries to you. You know, income is taxed, property is taxed, sales tax in what you buy, everything’s taxed but not in the injury realm, so there you go. I hadn’t gotten to that conversation.

Dewaun: Well, hey, that’s great.

Gary: Thank you. So, we got your release today. We expect the check in a couple of weeks. Rodney did a great job. I know Nikki helped too.

Dewaun: Yes, the whole team, the whole team.

Gary: The kind of team here is as well as in Holland’s, right?

Dewaun: Yes, yes.

Gary: How did you feel about our attending to the case personally, doing it in a timely manner and communicating with you?

Dewaun: Yes. They’re always right on time. Anything I needed, any questions I needed answered, they were spot on.

Gary: Cool.

Dewaun: Like I said, I recommend these guys. I do.

Gary: Thank you very much.

Dewaun: I vouch for them.

Gary: And I vouch for you. It’s a pleasure to represent you and thank you very much for your help. Would you recommend us to other folks?

Dewaun: Yes I will, and I mean, come check them out guys.

Gary: Thank you.

Dewaun: They’re going to help you.

Gary: Gary Burger of Burger Law, Give us a call or look us up on Google as Dewaun did and we’ll be good to go. Thank you.

Dewaun: All right.