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Posted in Workers' Compensation on November 20, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

An Electrician’s Workers Compensation Settlement

Keith M., an electrician, tore his rotator cuff while working when he fell from a ladder. This injury exacerbated a prior injury where he had a tear and subsequent surgery to the same shoulder ten years ago. Due to his new injury, Keith found himself out of work during the surgery, and was put on light duty during the recovery process.

Keith’s job gave him worker's compensation insurance in the form of Temporary Total Disability, which covered the time when he could not work, and Temporary Partial Disability, which covered the time when he could only work light duty at a lower wage. Both were statutorily guaranteed to Keith.

Unfortunately, the insurance provider paid his temporary wage benefits consistently 2 to 3 weeks late. Even worse, he was sometimes underpaid by several hundred dollars. We took on Keith’s case and filed a Hardship Motion with the court to get him the financial assistance he deserved.

Through hard work, we convinced the insurance company to express mail their checks to Keith so that he received them on time. We also negotiated a great settlement for his shoulder injury, and even convinced the insurer to add in extra money for Keith's frustration in the delayed payments.

We are very happy that, in the end, Keith received what he was rightfully owed after experiencing great difficulty in dealing with the insurance company. What Keith’s story illustrates is that sometimes, even if you may have a great relationship with your employer, legal representation is needed to negotiate and handle the insurance company. We will always fight hard for our clients and seek the justice they deserve.