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Posted in Scholarship on April 20, 2023   |  by Gary Burger

At Face Value Scholarship 2023

At Face Value | 2023 Scholarship

Gary Burger and the Burger Law team are offering a $500 scholarship to eligible students. See below for scholarship content terms.

It is impossible to go through life without encountering some tough decisions — decisions that can be at odds with your core values. Gary Burger became a lawyer and founded Burger Law, a firm of trial injury attorneys in Missouri and Illinois, to stand up to bullies and help bring justice to good people who have been harmed. Justice, accountability, perseverance, diligence — these are some of the values that guide our work as lawyers and as a business.

Our lawyers stand up and fight to protect the futures and families of those who have been harmed and have suffered loss at the hands of another. We use our resources and privilege to serve our community when we represent injured people and grieving families in our work as personal injury attorneys. We do the same when we get involved in our community outside of our paid cases, volunteering with local non-profit organizations, sponsoring and donating to social service causes and holding others in our profession accountable by serving on bar association ethics committees and teaching legal practices to fellow attorneys and paralegals.

What are your own personal values and how do you make sure your actions align with your values? Tell us about it in an essay for a chance to win our Burger Law 2023 Q2 scholarship!

For Q2 2023, Burger Law is offering a $500 scholarship to current and incoming college students. The contest details are outlined below.

Scholarship Eligibility

If you would like to apply for this scholarship, please submit the following by June 28:

  • A college transcript or enrollment letter;
  • A current resume, and;
  • An essay discussing one of your most important personal values, and how that value is represented in your life and your actions.

We require a transcript (even an unofficial one) to verify that you are a current or incoming college student. If you are not a student but are planning on attending college in the upcoming semester, submit proof, such as an acceptance letter. You must be enrolled (current seniors who are applying to or have been accepted to schools but have not committed, please check back once you have enrolled for our next scholarship essay contest).

The Topic

A 500-1,000 word essay about "At Face Value"

Choose one value that is important to you and discuss its role in your life. Why is this value important to you? How has this value guided your decisions and actions? Have you encountered situations where you had to go against your values or make a hard choice between two competing values? Provide a personal and thoughtful perspective.

Please attach a PDF or Word document file with your name and any sources you choose to include. We are looking for quality rhetoric, correct grammar and spelling, good content and a unique take on the prompt.

The winner will be announced and contacted on June 30, 2023. Please submit your transcript, resume, and essay to

*Awards will be sent directly to the school.