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Can I sue if I was injured at a Concert?

Personal Injury Lawyer St. Louis

can i sue if i was injured at a concert

Concert are a great way to enjoy your favorite artists. Maybe you go with a group of your friends, maybe you go by yourself, but you still go and you enjoy the music all the same. But what happens when the crowd gets a little rowdy and starts throwing bottles or random objects, or if some scaffolding that was erected to provide more seating fails and you subsequently get hurt. Do you have any legal right to suit the concert provider or the artist? What legal options can you take to recover from your injuries?

In this FAQ, we’re going to explore the steps you can take, legally, following an injury at a concert. You were there to have fun, and now you’re hurt. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries, and you deserve to have your claim taken seriously. Our attornies have taken on these types of cases before and we can make sure you get the care and recovery you need. Call our team today at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222. We don’t charge any fees for our consultations, and we never ask for any attorneys fees unless we win your personal injury claim.

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Can I sue the event organizer at a concert if I was injured?

Whenever someone hosts an event, whether it’s at someone’s house or at a large venue, they have to be able to guarantee that their premises is safe for people to traverse on, or that it is free of other dangers. Does this include a concert venue? Yes it does. Does this include a crowd getting rowdy at a concert and causing injuries that result from the crowd not being controlled? This is a more complicated matter, but yes, the concert venue is required to provide their guests with a level of security and safety and when that is broken they can be held liable for the damages caused.

How would a case like this work? Who is liable for the damages and can be pursued?

First, the venue can be held liable as they failed to provide a reasonably safe area for guests to enjoy the show. Secondly, the performing artist, if they purposely incited the crowd into violence, they can be sued for damages caused directly due to that violence as well. Here is one such case.

While music shows can get rowdy depending on the genre of music, the artist should never incite the crowd to cause further violence or mayhem. This is negligent and they can be held liable for the damages. Further, if these venues serve alcohol or other inebriating substances, they have a duty to make sure that they don’t overserve guests. Overserved guests can cause damages to themselves and others because their ability to think and reason clearly is significantly impaired. Further, if a crowd is getting rowdy and out-of-hand, the venue has a responsibility to make sure that the crowd is maintained and that troublemakers are removed or disciplined appropriately. If the venue just sits back and watches the violence happen, then they can be held liable because they owe the crowd a duty to make sure that the venue remains a safe place to enjoy the music or show.

How do I sue a Concert Venue?

These types of cases can be difficult. Proving that the venue acted negligently and that their negligence led to your injury is going to require investigative work and pressure that only an experienced lawyer can provide. Further, if the lawsuit is also targeting the performing artist for their actions as well, this will require more time to prove and maintain. This can be extremely difficult to prove on your own. If you’ve been hurt at a concert because of negligent actions, you can get a recovery for the damages caused to you. You’re going to need the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer in St. Louis. There’s no way around that. A lawyer is going to know the appropriate laws and how to argue your claim so that you get the recovery you need and deserve. If you would like to discuss your case with our team, call 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222. We don’t charge any fees for our consultations, and we never ask for any attorneys fees unless we win your food personal injury lawsuit claim.

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