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October 23, 2019 | Gary Burger

How Much is My Case Worth?

This is an important question. When you're hurt, how much are your injuries or damages worth, and how much should you expect to recover in a settlement or court case? Every claim is going to be different, and in some cases are always going to be worth more than other cases. But how can you tell how much your claim is worth? How do you know if your claim is worth pursuing?

In this FAQ we're going to cover the different ways you can estimate what your case is worth, and whether or not your case is worth pursuing through a personal injury claim. If you are currently dealing with a personal injury claim and you need help getting what you are owed for your injuries or damages, we can help. Our Personal Injury Lawyers in St. Louis are dedicated to the rights and recoveries of our clients, and we never settle for anything less than 100% of what our clients are owed. We don't charge any fees for our consultations, and we never charge any attorneys fees unless we win your claim. Call 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222 or follow this link to get in touch with our team.

What is my Case worth?

Personal Injury Lawyer St. Louis

You are entitled to your damages. But what does that mean? What are damages? Damages include medical expenses, wage losses, past and future wage loss, future medical expenses, disability awards, disfigurement awards and any other consequential damages. So what does this mean? If you've been injured you have several avenues that you can use to recover your losses as well as recover additional funds for any pain and suffering that you've been put through. If you have any questions about whether or not your claim applies, or if you need answers regarding any other potential types of recover, give our team a call.

Right off the bat, let's discuss bodily injuries and what they can be worth. This Image details how many weeks of disability you are entitled to per the injury sustained:

Here is a link to a further break down the image

Here is a link from the Missouri Department of Labor that is an excellent resource if you've been involved in an accident or have been injured due to negligence.

Furthermore, the worse your injuries or losses are, the more you may be able to recover. If you've lost the use of your limbs, or the loss of an eye, finger or other digits, there are set amounts that you can recover for those injuries. Each state has different amounts that can be awarded per injury, this link details what you may be able to recover under Missouri or Illinois Law.

How much can I get for my injuries?

People who have potential personal injury claims often don't take them on because they believe that they either can't afford a lawyer, or they can't afford the court costs or fees that can from a legal battle. With our Personal Injury Law Firm in St. Louis, you'll never pay anything unless we win your personal injury claim. We fight hard for the rights and recoveries of our clients, and we never settle for anything less than the full recovery that they are owed. If you family needs a dedicated and aggressive personal injury lawyer to fight for your rights, we can help you. Call our team at 314-542-2222 or 618-272-2222.