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September 17, 2021 | Gary Burger

Who is liable in my premises liability case?

When you run an errand to the local grocery store, bring your children to the neighborhood park, walk through a parking lot or enjoy your apartment complex’s outdoor common area, you expect that you are entering safe conditions. Unfortunately some property managers and owners fail to address hazardous conditions that develop on their property and sometimes, this leads to serious injury. If you or a loved one slipped and fell or were injured in another kind of accident caused by a danger on the property, you may be able to sue for premises liability.

If you have been injured by something dangerous on a property, you may have a premises liability claim. To find out if you have a case and to determine who you should sue for your premises liability injuries, contact a reputable premises liability lawyer in St. Louis right away. Call Burger Law at (314) 500-HURT now to speak to one of our premises liability attorneys and take the first step toward recovery damages for your injuries.

Who can I sue for my premises liability injuries?

If you are injured while visiting a property, you may be able to sue for damages and collect compensation for the harm that was caused. The question is who is liable in your case? Who is legally responsible for covering your losses and paying to make you whole after suffering from injuries caused by an unsafe condition on a property?

The person or company responsible for the property you were on at the time of your injury is liable for your damages. This individual or group is known in your premises liability case as the possessor of the property.

Suing the Possessor in a Premises Liability Case

The obvious person who should be held responsible for any dangerous conditions that are unaddressed or without warning on a property is the owner of the property. As the owner of any residential, commercial, or retail property, it is logical that you are responsible for making sure that the property is safe for visitors and does not put them in harm.

However, it is not always the property owner who is responsible for keeping the property safe. In fact, some rental agreements between property owners and tenants excuse the owner from liability in the event of an injury on the premises due to the presence of a hazard.

Typically, it is the party who had control of the property where the hazard exists and your injuries took place that will be legally responsible in a premises liability suit. Often, this is the tenant of a retail property, the residential homeowner, the tenant of a rental residential property, or the maintenance company or worker responsible for specifics aspects of the property’s upkeep. On a retail or commercial property, the company renting out the building may be liable for dangerous conditions that lead to injuries inside the building itself, but if your premises liability injuries occurred in a common area like a courtyard or parking lot, you may have a suit against another party, such as the property development company that owns the site or the maintenance company hired to clear the ice and snow from the parking lot and sidewalks.

Your premises liability lawyer will help you understand your case and determine who you should file your suit against. Your premises liability lawyer will identify the liable party (or parties), prove their negligence, show the extent that your injuries have impacted your life, and negotiate a great settlement for you.

Sue for Your Premises Liability Injuries

Your premises liability case involves complex issues beyond determining and proving liability. For the greatest chance of a full recovery and a satisfactory case result after you have been hurt while visiting a private or commercial property, hire an experienced premises liability lawyer. Your St. Louis premises liability lawyer will do everything from collect evidence, calculate the value of your claim, communicate and negotiate with the party that is liable for your damages and provide you support and guidance throughout the duration of your suit.

If you or someone you know were seriously injured while at an apartment complex, a park, the local pool, a gas station, an office or another property you were allowed to visit, you may be able to sue and collect compensation in a premises liability claim. To understand your options, sue the liable party and collect the full compensation you are owed, you must speak to a premise liability lawyer right away. Burger Law’s premises liability lawyers in St. Louis will demand full compensation for your injuries and fight for your complete recovery. Those in charge of properties must do their job to make sure those properties remain safe for anyone who is allowed to visit, and we hold them accountable when they fail to do so.

After your premises liability injuries, contact a premises liability lawyer in St. Louis right away. The lawyers of Burger Law are available and ready to speak with you about your case and begin working for you right away. Do not waste any time. Contact us now at [wdac phone].