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April 14, 2021 | Gary Burger

Why Is the Insurance Company Motivated to Settle?

It is no well-kept secret that insurance companies have their own interests and motivations when it comes to settling a case with an accident victim. This is often what makes even the cases that appear to be the most straightforward challenging to settle. Be careful not to let an insurance company bully or manipulate you into accepting a grossly incomplete settlement amount or scaring you into believing you can't win your case.

To make sure you are making the right decision and getting the most from your settlement, you need the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer. Gary Burger and the Burger Law team have recovered millions of dollars for injury victims in St. Louis, Missouri, Illinois, and beyond. We know what it takes to win and are willing to do the work. We see right through the insurance companies' tactics and will fight to get you what you deserve. Call us at 314-542-2222 to speak to an experienced attorney about your case and find out how we can help you.

An insurance company will almost always attempt to get you, the victim, to agree to a settlement right away. They often appeal to your emotions by claiming to be concerned for your well-being and wanting to offer you help. However, many times these insurance companies are simply motivated to settle quickly to avoid paying the full amount of your damages.

When the insurance company in your auto accident case is motivated to settle, here is why:

They want to act when you are most vulnerable

A car accident is jarring and stressful for most of us, and even more so when it leads to injuries. In the immediate aftermath of the accident, you may be concerned about repairing your vehicle, getting medical treatment, returning to work, etc. There is a lot to consider. Chances are that you are not only feeling overwhelmed and stressed but that you have little experience with car accident claims and have no idea what your claim is worth. The insurance company will often contact you very quickly after the accident in hopes that you have not yet had time to think about or talk to an attorney and can be tricked into accepting a low offer.

They want to minimize medical costs

Injuries from a car accident can become more complicated than they first seem or may not even manifest in the first few days after the accident. The insurance company wants to settle right away so they can claim that your injuries are minor, that extensive treatment is not necessary, and that there will be no long-term effects. There is simply no way to know that soon after an accident the extent of the damage and the treatment required to fully recover--if a full recovery is even possible.

They want to pay less, sooner rather than more, later

Along with injuries and the associated medical costs, the sum of the settlement will be much lower than what your damages are actually worth when an insurance company offers payment right away. They want to act before you have had time to speak with a lawyer and find out what your claim may potentially be worth. In addition, they want to scare you away from waiting for that larger sum by making you believe you may not receive any money if you don't agree right away or by scaring you with the fact that it could take months or even more than a year to receive a larger settlement.

They want to avoid a lawsuit

The insurance company wants to avoid a lawsuit in order to preserve its reputation as a caring, protective entity that is on the side of the consumers. Frequent lawsuits bring unwanted negative PR and a negative reputation. If the company is offering a settlement right away, that is a sign that they know their client is at fault in the accident. If the case reaches court, it is possible that the insurance company will be ordered to pay much more than they would like to. Even if they are resistant at first, if you have strong evidence and a skilled St. Louis car accident lawyer, the insurance company may agree to settle even on the night before a trial is scheduled.

Stand up to the insurance companies with the help of Burger Law

If you were injured in a car accident, you owe it to yourself to seek a talented personal injury lawyer to take your case as soon as possible. The t. Louis car accident lawyers of Burger Law know the tactics insurance companies use to avoid paying full settlements and know how to stand up against them. Get Burger Law on your case today by calling us at 314-542-2222 or sending us a message now.