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Posted in Successes on January 24, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

We Get Justice for Our Clients When Others Won’t

With all the sexual assault news coming from Hollywood over the past several months, and with women joining their voices all over the world, one such story had a positive resolution in St. Louis.

It happened just this week when one of our attorneys, Nicole Gorovosky, helped a young woman get her victory after she was sexually assaulted on a college campus. As we’ve seen happen all over the world, the University unfortunately did nothing to help her.

There was no recourse whatsoever, something that goes against the federal law Title IX. Meanwhile, the young woman was forced to see her attacker every day in class, and continued to be harassed by him.

But thanks to the hard work of Ms. Gorovosky and others here at Burger Law, the young woman has now finally had her justice. She now has a full order of protection, which bars the perpetrator from entering the campus until well after she graduates, and he cannot be within 500 feet of her. This includes staying away from her home, and well away from any place that she works.

Thanks to the hard work of our attorneys, justice has been served in St. Louis!