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Posted in Workers' Compensation on December 18, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Great Outcome for Our Client Assaulted at Work with a Pizza Cutter

We recently had the pleasure of representing Rachel P., a chef at a downtown St. Louis restaurant. Angela was preparing food at work getting ready for the lunchtime rush when a crazed employee attacked her with a pizza cutter!

As Rachel defended herself, she was thrown to the floor painfully. She sustained deep wounds to her hand, as well as an abdominal hernia and severe knee injuries, both of which required surgery. After her operations and a great deal of physical therapy, Rachel has recovered and is happily back to work.

Burger Law fought hard for Rachel every step of the way, forcing her restaurant to pay for all her surgical treatment and physical therapy.

We recently settled the rest of Rachel’s claim for an additional $35,500 in Worker’s Compensation PPD and assisted in the prosecution of the attacker, who is now serving a jail sentence.