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Posted in Car Accidents on January 17, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Homeowners insurance recovery in $2 Million auto accident case

I work hard to be creative in finding insurance compensation in all cases. Sometimes auto insurance won't cover an entire claim, but we can attempt to collect it from other insurance, such as homeowners insurance. We did "creative lawyering" relating to an old crash that left our client Connie Wills severely injured. In 2010, playground equipment fell from the back of a truck that was traveling ahead of her on Highway 270.

She swerved to avoid running into the playground equipment but failed to do so. She hit the equipment, the median wall, and then two other cars collided into her. She was left in bad shape.

We collected the insurance policy limits from the driver of the truck that dropped the playground equipment. But, we also collected the maximum allowable from the homeowners insurance.

We also obtained the policy limits from the homeowners and auto policy through the truck passenger, who was the driver's daughter. She was negligent because she was the one who had tied down the equipment in the back of the pickup truck and had done a terrible job.

The details of this settlement are on our website and were featured in a Missouri Lawyers Weekly article, so click here. For more information regarding claims against homeowners insurance, auto insurance, or any other insurance, give the professionals at Burger Law a call at (314) 542-2222!


Here's a pic of Connie's car: