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Posted in Videos on March 9, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

How the Rules of the Road Determine Your Claim

I’m Gary Burger of Burger Law. Drivers have safety rules, and the safety rules apply in a variety of circumstances, whether it’s who yields the right of way, whether it’s how to pass another car, whether it’s what do you do on the highway, and whatever the circumstances, and also there are rules of the road for change circumstances, so if there’s rain or snow or fog or icy conditions or dark or lights out on a road in a city, there are rules for that. So, it’s important and it’s incumbent on a licensed driver to know the rules of the road.

When a driver violates the rules of the road causes a truck or car accident and injures or kills someone else, they’re responsible for that harm, and that’s what we do here at Burger Law. What we do is we get drivers and we pursue claims for injured people against drivers who violate the rules of the road. Drinking and driving, texting when driving, when you do these acts, they’re so unsafe that you cause injury to other people, you’re responsible for that harm, and you’re required to have insurance to cover yourself for that harm, and then if the other driver doesn’t have insurance, you as the injured person has uninsured coverage. I have other videos on that. But let’s be clear that when a person is injured, their injury is solely due on the roadway, and if it’s solely due to the other driver’s negligence, then they have a claim for that, and these rules of the road violations have serious consequences.

Vehicles have an amazing amount of force. They’re heavy, they’re going at high speeds, and they create injuries in people. Result is the effect of inertia. When you’re going at a speed and a car cuts in front of you and you go from 30 to 0 like that, your whole body inside the vehicle keeps going and it whiplashes and it causes trauma and effect on necks, other parts of your body, your head hits the steering wheel, other things. These cause damages and injuries in people for long periods of time. So, thanks for watching this message. Thanks for watching this video. Let’s remember to follow the rules of the road. Safety first. We get complacent driving our cars. We don’t realize that we’re driving a three, four, five, six-thousand-pound vehicle at 60 miles an hour because you’ve been driving for a while. You got to be always cognizant to that and follow the rules of the road, and make sure your rule violations don’t injure other people. If they do and you’re one of the people that are injured, call us. We can help you. Gary Burger, 314-542-2222. Thank you.