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Posted in Law on February 24, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Injured in a Traffic Collision? Take These 3 Steps Before Contacting a Truck Accident Lawyer

If there is one kind of traffic accident that can rank among the most serious, it would definitely be accidents involving a car and a large truck. Semi truck and dump truck accidents kill around 4,000 people each year in the United States, and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that there are an average of 11 accidents involving at least one semi truck each day throughout the nation.

Oftentimes, this is the result of the truck driver's negligence, and it may also be up to the trucking company, too. Around 90% of the trucks on the road today are missing the vital safety technology, according to the American Trucking Association, so a truck accident lawyer will help a client go after these companies, too.

Before hiring a truck accident lawyer, however, those who were involved in these crashes have a number of steps to take to ensure that their case will go smoothly. Here are three steps that all truck accident victims should take before they choose a truck accident lawyer:

1. Observe the scene. The moments after an accident are absolutely critical. If a driver hasn't been severely injured after the car accident, it is important to take a look at who was involved. In the event that a truck driver caused the accident, the victim should observe the driver to as whether or not alcohol or drugs may have been a factor. The car driver can also figure out if there were any witnesses to the accident who can provide testimony to emergency responders.

2. Call the police and file a report. After any kind of collision, whether it's a semi truck accident or a head-on crash with another passenger vehicle, drivers should file a police report so long as they're able to. That police report will be used by the insurance company and attorneys in the accident case.

3. Talk to the insurance company. Before talking to the insurer, drivers should have a copy of the police report handy. This will be used to determine fault in the case. If, for some reason, the insurance company rules against a car driver, that driver can contact an attorney to have the decision appealed. Drivers who are injured in truck accidents may also need to speak to their health insurance providers.

If you have questions about your accident, make sure to speak to a semi truck accident attorney as soon as possible. This way you won't forget the details of the case or risk missing the statute of limitations on your accident.