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Posted in Videos on November 4, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Insurance Claims

Hi! I’m Gary Burger from Burger Law. I’d like to talk to you a little bit about insurance. So, if you’re injured in an auto or truck case, the defendant, the person who broke the rules and caused your injuries has insurance, and they should have insurance up to $25,000. That’s the minimum in Missouri and in Illinois now. So, you have a claim against them and their insurance should pay. There are other types of insurance like uninsured, underinsured, Med Pay insurance, but your claim against the defendant is through their insurance policy.

You may still want to go against your own policy for property damage insurance, but you can also go against the opposing party for their property damage insurance. Sometimes that’s delayed though, and it is often advisable to go after your own insurance for property damage. Let them have an internal adjusting process with the other side’s insurance company. That way you get your car fixed sooner or if it’s totaled you get the value of it quicker, and then you’re able to turn around that and put that into a new vehicle.

What you want to do in an auto crash is get the other side’s insurance information. Find the claim number. Get a claim rep, and that’s the person from the other side you’re going to be communicating with in trying to settle the case.

When folks come into me and meet with me, I often say, “Hey, give me your insurance information. I want to know the adjuster and the claim number,” or if they don’t know that, if it is brand new and it just happened which I often get as well, at least I get the police report and then I’ll have the insurance company, and we’re very adaptive, contact the insurance companies, letting them know about the claim and letting them know what we’re doing.

You do not want to give a recorded statement to the other side’s insurance company. They will ask you for that, but you do not need to and you should not. You can orally tell them the basic facts and circumstances of, “So and so rear-ended me. Your insured blew through the red light and hit me. They were going too fast, or they failed to yield the right of way, or they were driving on the wrong side of the road.”

So those are just some thoughts about dealing with the other side’s insurance company. Thank you.