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Sometimes businesses and individuals have insurance disputes that end up being a commercial litigation type of matter and we’ve handled many of these. So, if you have a business and your property gets damaged, if you own a building and your roof gets damaged, if you have insurance relating to coverage for your employees or coverage for your auto, or any other types of insurance claim, we help many folks.

I often say that insurance companies are in the business of collecting premiums and denying claims. This is a case here that was written up in one of our lawyer papers where our result was featured. I represented a local business in an insurance claim against Lloyd’s of London where they improvidently denied the claim, delay, delay, delay. A year after the proof of claim was filed they paid some of the money even though there was an additional lot of money. We end up going trying that case, getting about $87,000 over what was owed, and in that case, under Missouri’s vexatious refusal to pay statute, we got our attorney’s fees in cost, so it effectively costs our client nothing to go after that additional money. We put more money in his pocket. We held the insurance company accountable and that went all to his bottom line.

In these commercial and contract litigation cases we’re very cognizant of the level of our attorney’s fees because we don’t want to spend $100,000 on an $87,000 claim. And so, we bill fairly. We were transparent. Our clients know exactly what we bill and what we do and we’re very effective. We also have very effective trial lawyers in our cases, and although some commercial litigators want to do discovery and never get to trial, we can efficiently get your case to trial and then they get a judgment for collection. I’ve also had cases where I pursued big verdicts against big companies and we do those efficiently as well.

So, if you have a commercial case or an insurance dispute, you want to visit with us about it. Call us at (314)542-2222. Visit us at Burger Law, our commercial litigation page or get us on Facebook or at my email Thank you.

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