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A personal injury, even a seemingly minor one, may throw a person’s life into chaos. For any injury to rise to the level where a person may make a legal claim against the defendant, they must incur damages. These damages form the core of any personal injury claim. However, potential compensation also extends to lost wages, mental anguish, and any permanent effects of the injury.

Most injury cases arise out of accidents, but some result from intentional acts. A Jefferson County personal injury lawyer could work with individuals to determine the facts of the case, file claims under the proper laws, examine personal injury liability, and pursue defendants for damages. Speak with an experienced personal injury attorney today and know that you are in capable hands.

When Can a Person in Jefferson County File a Claim for Damages?

Any time a person’s actions injure another, the injured party has the right to pursue damages. It does not matter why the injuries happened if the facts fit into an established cause of action. This means the plaintiff must utilize laws on the books to hold the at-fault party responsible.

In situations where accidents result in injuries, negligence is often the cause of action. This requires that the plaintiff prove the defendant owed them a duty to care for their wellbeing, and subsequently that actions taken by the defendant caused their injuries. It is not necessary the defendant intended to cause harm—negligence law still applies when harm results from accidents.

Common examples of personal injuries cases pursued using negligence include:

These examples involve different procedures and case elements under the law, but the basic concept remains the same: the defendant should have protected the plaintiff but failed to do so. A Jefferson County accident attorney can help accident victims hold the responsible party accountable.

What are Common Injuries Seen in these Cases?

The foundation of any personal injury case is a physical injury. The costs of treating these injuries at both an emergency room and therapist’s office are prime examples of compensable damages.

These injuries may range from broken bones and dislocated joints to concussions and other nervous system injuries. In the least severe cases, the plaintiff will make a full recovery and compensation could amount to the total cost of treatment.

More serious claims will need to start before the plaintiff reaches full recovery. Indeed, many cases involve permanent disability. These claims must account for any future negative impact of the injury upon the plaintiff. Because of this, a plaintiff must estimate the full effects of the injury.

How a Jefferson County Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Any personal injury claim left unmanaged can quickly become a complicated mess. Between seeking medical treatment, missing time at work, and working out any property damage, people’s lives can become significantly more complex. A Jefferson County personal injury lawyer could help mitigate and manage these effects.

An accident injury attorney could handle the details in the case by assessing liability, filing the claims with defendant insurance companies, requesting medical records and bills, and pursuing settlement negotiations and compensation with an individual’s best interests in mind.

Many cases come to a satisfactory settlement without ever needing to go to court. In the rare case that a trial becomes necessary, though, an accident injury lawyer could argue your case in front of a jury. Call today for a free consultation.

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