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Posted in Videos on May 22, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Kristen C Testimonial

Kristen: So I bent down to pet it, and it lurched across the room and bit me right in the face, opening up my lip and a little bit of the upper lip just wide open, and there is blood everywhere, and it hurt a lot. I went to the emergency room, and they sewed me up after I sat there for about an hour and lots of ice, but for a couple of weeks my face was like really swollen, like my upper lip. My husband called me “Ducky” for like a month after it because I looked so odd.

Mike: They gave us an initial offer of $9,000 in your case, but we kept working with them, and ultimately we were able to get you $20,000 about.

Kristen: It’s nice to have that money if I want to do any work on my face to kind of get rid of the scarring, but also what was really great is that I was nervous about finding a good moral lawyer, and you guys did such a great job, like the staff and everybody has been just on point fantastic. Hire him. He does a fantastic job, and he is trustworthy and very straightforward and open. He will answer any questions that you have, as many times as you want to ask them.