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October 20, 2021 | Gary Burger

What to do after a Car Accident

Gary Burger and his host discuss the steps you should take after being in any car accident. Watch the video or read the transcription below to learn more.

Video Transcription

Hello, everybody, my name is Umi. And we're here today with Gary from Burger Law. And he's going to tell us about the next steps to take when you are involved in an accident. So Gary, say I got in a car accident. Or if I fall and I break my leg, what are the next steps that I should take?

They're a little different between them. But let's say you're in a car accident. What do you do? Well, the first thing you do after a car wreck is to make sure you're safe. Don't risk anything, or and make sure your occupants are safe. And if they need emergency medical care, handle that first. That's your priority. Make sure everybody's safe. And then make sure everybody's out of the roadway and in a safe place. Move your car, whatever, wherever it needs. The second thing is you're going to sit you're going to talk to the other the other driver, find out what happened. You don't want to confront that person. But you can say why were you following me too close? Why did you blow that red light? Why were you on your phone and and and not confront them but figure it out. I've taken many, many depositions where no one talked about that at the same. The next thing you're gonna want to do is make sure you get the information from the other driver, both their driver's license and their insurance information, all their information. And then the police. Always get a police report. You'd be surprised how stories change down the line, you think it's a clear render, and then six months later, they're saying you stop suddenly, I call the alt call the police have them come and do a classic traffic incident report. The other thing is make sure you get the names of the witnesses who are there. Too many times there are witnesses, they're giving you your information, and then they're not in the police report. I have a case right now, where my client was hitting on a motorcycle on the side of the road a guy named Ken attended to him. Never was in the police report. No one ever knew about it. He got Ken's name. You know who Ken is Ken's a doctor in Kansas City. Ken was an emergency room doctor that came by and help save my clients life. And I went I called Kenny gave me a great state and we talked about what happened.

Officers do a fantastic job reporting accidents and they're trying to do so. But they're only human. And sometimes what may seem like a no-brainer at the scene ends up being complicated. The cop didn't think about putting in the report, but you have the name of four witnesses and then you can call we can call them up as part of our claims investigation and prove the case.

The next thing you want to do is you want to give all the information the officer and then leave and then you want to get medical attention right away. You do not want to wait a month or two months to get a medical to get medical up. So go to urgent care, go to an ER go to your primary care doctor, go to a chiropractor if you know when our physical therapist go get medical care for whatever your injuries are.

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