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Posted in In the News on May 4, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Lime Bike Rides into St. Louis

If you have not heard of LimeBike yet, you are definitely missing out on a great new bike-share service that rode into St. Louis. All you need is one dollar to ride a bike for an hour.

LimeBike is headquartered in California but operates in cities across 13 states, including some college campuses. It is a private corporation that began business in 2017.

You can download the LimeBike app for your smartphone and pay just one dollar per hour to ride the bike. The app also shows you the location of the LimeBike closest to you.

There is a long user agreement that LimeBike makes every user agree to prior to renting them a bike. The agreement spells out the local bike laws and requires users to agree to follow those laws.

As you can imagine, not many people read the agreement before signing it. If people did read it, they would find that it includes a waiver of all liability for LimeBike. It also includes some important safety tips for riders. These tips include not carrying anything on the bike and only having one person ride the bike at a time.

The company has run into problems in some cities that require bike riders to wear helmets since LimeBike only provides a bike and not a helmet. The issue is being rectified in some areas by groups providing helmets to riders. These groups are also designating drop spots for bikes, so they are not left blocking sidewalks, stairs, or entryways.

All these issues could lead to legal problems for LimeBike, which has won a handful of awards for its activism. This idea should move the law forward to change enough as business and technology continue to meet.