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Posted in Medical Malpractice on April 13, 2017   |  by Gary Burger

Malpractice Violations

So, it’s, “Did the doctor commit malpractice?” And, it’s not just a close call. There has to be a clear violation in our view, in the view of the law, tort reform, and what juries think, and what we as a community think.

We’re not here to hold doctors to an inappropriate standard. We’re not Monday-morning quarterbacking. We’re not being unfair. But, the reality is, is when a doctor violates a long-established protocol for how to treat someone, doesn’t see the marker for the lap sponge in the X-ray, doesn’t listen to complaints of severe eye pain or headaches that cause permanent blindness in someone, doesn’t do tests to see whether someone doesn’t just have flu-like symptoms but instead has septic shock and about to die.

We had a case where a guy died within 24 hours after coming to an emergency room in Southern Illinois. We have successfully resolved that case.