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Posted in Videos on November 30, 2016   |  by Gary Burger

Medical Negligence

Did you know that the third leading cause of death in the United States is medical errors? Doctors and nurses and medical providers make many, many errors and injur and kill people every year in the United States. Doctors and nurses are great people and work very hard to keep ourselves and our family safe. However, doctors and nurses and hospitals have rules too, and when they break those rules, break their own protocols, are negligent, don’t care or act careless, and they injure or kill someone, they should be held responsible, and that’s what medical negligence is.

So, a medical negligence is when the doctor, nurse or medical practitioner deviated from the standard of care that they should have provided you and then that caused an injury to you and so what I like to say is, in a medical negligence case, many times there are medical articles 20, 30 years before that set out the standard of care that was clearly violated by the doctor or the nurse or the hospital, and also we need to remember that those medical errors need to have caused the injury to the person, and so, if you go to the ER and you have a broken arm and they don’t diagnose you but the next day you go to a different ER, and they do diagnose you, you have no medical negligence case because there’s no causation, because that one-day delay did not cause damage to you. However, if you have a tumor on a CT scan and your doctor doesn’t do anything about it for two years and you later find out that you have cancer, that is negligence and that two-year delay significantly damaged you or caused you a lost chance of survival or lost chance of healing from that injury.

Now, medical malpractice cases are very complicated. There’s a lot of medicine involved. There are doctors. There are a lot of records. There’s a lot of sorting out and meeting out, what happened, what’s happened in the records, what’s not in the records, and the types of claims you can have.

The Burger Law Personal Injury Firm has the resources, the experts and the knowledge to be very successful in medical negligent cases, and we have been. We’re always here to get a 100% damages for our clients. We don’t sue doctors or nurses when there isn’t negligence or when they haven’t injured our folks, so we’re very careful about the cases we take. We only take serious medical malpractice cases where the negligence is clear and the damages are clear.

So, if you have a medical negligence case and you’d like to visit with us about it, call me at (314) 542-2222. Email me at and I’d be happy to visit with you about it. Thank you.