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Motorcycle Crash Lawyer St Louis

Motorcycle Crash Attorney in St Louis. Gary Burger and his associates are proud to represent and recover for motorcyclists in the St Louis area. In the state of Missouri, after being involved in a motorcycle accident, injury victims have five years to file an accident lawsuit against the negligent party. It's critical to work with a skilled attorney to ensure you are fully compensated for your damages. The lawyers at Burger Law understand the ins and outs of motorcyclists rights, and we have the experience and results to prove our success in recovery. The motorcycle crash attorneys at Burger Law are devoted to serving motorcycle crash victims with superior support and guidance through each stage of the claim process. Knowing your rights and the laws that protect you as motorcyclists are extremely important in the event that you fall victim to a crash.

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In Missouri, it is required to have motorcycle insurance; if you're involved in a crash with a driver who is uninsured, your insurance company has an obligation to compensate you for your injuries and damages. In the United States, four thousand people die, and 80,000 are injured in motorcycle crashes each year. It's unfortunate that motorcyclists are at a high risk of injury leading up to death when a driver acts out of negligence. Motorcyclists are thirty times more likely to pass away because of a crash and five times more likely to be seriously injured. It happens too often that automobile drivers become distracted and don't handle their obligations to ensuring motorcyclists around them are safe. Violating road signals, avoiding yielding, speeding, driving under the influence, and distracted driving are often the case in motorcycle crashes. For more information, or to receive a free case evaluation from one of our motorcycle crash attorneys, contact Burger Law by calling (314) 542-2222 or completing our online contact form.

The motorcycle crash lawyers at Burger Law offer legal services throughout the Greater Missouri and Illinois region. If you'd like to learn more about motorcycle accident laws, motorcycle insurance laws, or anything in between, contact the Burger Law firm today. We look forward to providing you with the highest quality of advice, support, and litigation.

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