Episode 33 | January 17, 2019

Amazing Mediation Tricks

Welcome to Lawyer V. Lawyer, the only legal podcast giving you both sides of the trial room floor. In this episode: Gary and Debbie, along with Kim Kirn of USAM, discuss super secret awesome tips and strategies for great results in mediation. How to win the mediation before you get there, advance planning, space, what to tell the other side and what to hide from them, bracketing, negotiation strategy, working the mediator and other insights from lawyers and mediators with decades of experience. To get more information, suggest topics for Debbie and Gary to discuss, or hire them, email info@lawyervlawyer.com. For more episodes visit our Lawyer V. Lawyer Facebook page or website. Although the advice is good, no attorney-client relationship is formed by listening to this podcast. Thanks for listening!

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