Episode 70 | April 10, 2022

Top Insurance Adjuster Tricks and How to Combat Them

Lawyer v. Lawyer – Top Insurance Adjuster Tricks and How to Combat Them

Gary speaks with guest Stephen Gerring of the Gerring Law firm for a second episode to discuss the most common (and most frustrating) tricks insurance adjusters on their clients’ claims use and their strategies for combatting them. Stephen and Gary discuss what to do when the adjuster claims that the client’s injuries were pre-existing, the adjuster claims that too much time elapsed between the accident and first treatment, the adjuster evaluates the case based on the amount of outstanding medical bills only, adjuster cuts down the amount of treatment accepted for nebulous reasons, adjuster tries to use your client’s medical records against them, adjuster says hospital’s bills are higher than customary in the region, or the adjuster asserts comparative negligence.

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