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Posted in Videos on March 21, 2018   |  by Gary Burger

Randy Woolridge Testimonial

Randy: Gary Burger was a great guy. He stuck up, he stayed at it, and he did a good job for me. I was really amazed when I got a phone call. I mean, we went through a lot, but he got us through it.

Gary: What phone call?

Randy: When he called me to let me know that he had received an offer and we accepted it.

Gary: And what do we settle the case for?

Randy: For 80,000.

Gary: That’s a lot of money, isn’t it?

Randy: Yes.

Gary: We put a lot in your pocket.

Randy: Yes, he did.

Gary: I know you’re a hardworking man with a young child. I know your family is the most important thing to you.

Randy: Yes, they are. I do what I have to do for my family, but when I’m on the road, I try to look out for other people’s families too. Anytime we call, you were there. You responded back.