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Posted in Legal Services of Eastern Missouri on August 20, 2015   |  by Gary Burger

Burger Law supports the mission of LSEM

I am proud to serve on the board of  Legal Services of Eastern Missouri. LSEM provides legal help in civil disputes for the less fortunate (people who do not have a lot of money). LSEM helps children, moms and dads in a variety of situations and does truly great work.

We have sponsored and supported events raising tens of thousands of dollars for LSEM. I have spoken and encouraged the lawyers in the room to give generously and fulfill their obligations as lawyers. As lawyers we have privilege and a license to practice law and are blessed. The last sentence of my law license for the State of Missouri, which has hung on my office wall for 22 years, states that “I will practice law to the best of my knowledge and ability and with consideration for the defenseless and oppressed. So help me God.”

We should do that in our profession and in our daily lives. Whether your motivation for doing so comes from moral obligations, the way you are raised, your religious beliefs, or the wisdom you have gained over the years – help the defenseless and oppressed with time, money or both.