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Picture this: it’s a hot and sticky sunny day in June, you’re walking down the street with your favorite soda in hand on your way back to your house. All of a sudden a car slams into another car on the street beside you, sending one of the cars onto the sidewalk and onto you.

This is exactly what happened to Tony earlier this year. The impacted car hit our client and pinned him to a fence. He was just walking down the street coming back from the neighborhood 7-11 when the carelessness of a driver impacted his life forever.

Tony sustained massive injuries because of the recklessness of one of the drivers, and as a result had to undergo extensive medical care.

He had a number of fractures, but needed no surgery and thankfully recovered well. Tony even has little recollection of the incident due to the head trauma.

Here is a picture of the diagram of the accident from the police report. Our client is the figure pinned by the car.

Car Accident Attorney St. Louis and Missouri

As everyone well knows, the costs of medical treatment add up fast. We got our client a $100,000 settlement for the insurance policy limits and completed the case three months after the crash.

The driver’s insurance company reviewed the details of the accident and the medical treatment, and offered the maximum bodily injury policy settlement.

Car Accident Lawyer, Car Accident Attorney St. Louis

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