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$116,000 Settlement against dump truck driver

We were able to get a great settlement for our clients Luis and Kelsey. They were stopped in traffic on Interstate 64 when a dump truck crashed into the back of their car.

The truck driver was not paying attention to the flow of traffic, and hit the their car with incredible force, crushing the trunk, and back seat, while sending glass flying into the car. Luis and Kelsey’s car was pushed into the vehicle in front of them and causing a second impact.

They were both immediately taken to the hospital, and received treatment for their injuries. Both sustained injuries to their neck and back, and Luis had cuts on his head from the broken glass.

The insurance company dragged their feet in offering a fair settlement for our clients (surprise). We prepared and forwarded the lawsuit and they nearly doubled their offer.

We settled Luis’ case for $66,000 and Kelsey’s for $50,000, getting both nearly four times their total medical bills. Here’s their car:

Truck Accident Settlement

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