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$40,000 Worker’s Compensation Settlement for Foot and Hand Injury

Our client Tim P. is an ex-Marine and construction worker. He was injured twice on the job in separate incidents. In one incident, a trailer fell on his foot causing a crush injury. In another, he lost the tip of his index finger. Through time and therapy, Tim was able to recover from his foot injury. But he still had pain in his foot.
Tim initially elected not to have a bone spur removed, but then changed his mind. We had to fight with the insurance company, but we were able to get his surgery. We’re happy for Tim. He has made a great recovery.
After negotiating hard, however, the insurance company’s top offer to settle Tim’s case was only $25,000. We continued to fight for Tim and litigate his case through the Worker’s Compensation administrative court. Recently, the insurance company surrendered and we settled the case for $40,000. This is a great recovery for Tim’s injuries, and we’re very happy for Tim. If you have any other questions regarding Workers’ Compensation see Burger Law’s Worker’s Compensation page and blogs.

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